Santo Tomás - Valle de Guadalupe

Baja's Oldest Winery Has a Brand New Sophisticated Wine Tasting Room in the Valle de Guadalupe

Santo Tomas Santo Tomas

Founded: 1888
Wine Tasting Hours:
Mon-Sun 8am-5pm

Wine Tasting Fee: $16

Baja's beloved Bodegas de Santo Tomás winery has recently opened a satellite location right in the heart of gorgeous Valle de Guadalupe. The chic modern facility, totally unlike any other tasting room or on-site store in the region, makes an exciting visual statement complete with dynamic, burgundy-hued vine stumps greeting visitors as they enter... and a massive, jet black hummingbird fresco on its outside wall!

Santo Tomás

Santo Tomás, founded more than 130 years ago, has long stood for tradition and excellence among Mexican wine experts and enthusiasts. Now however, with this new wine store and tasting room, the Santo Tomas brand elevates to a new level of contemporary eye-popping splendor.

Walk into the tasting room, for example, and your entrance is heralded by a suspended 'sky' display of brightly colored, intricately painted hand-made Oaxacan children's toy tops. Elegant furniture, artisanal pottery and striking pieces of art fill the tasting room and give it a modernistic gallery feeling. The tasting bar itself is comprised in part from a repurposed olive oil press!

Seated at tables overlooking a breathtaking view of the Valle de Guadalupe, visitors enjoy a taste of some of Santo Tomás' greatest treasures including its award-winning ruby Cabernet-Sauvignon and the darker more intense Santo Tomas Reserva Unico (a Cabernet-Merlot blend). Many wine bottles waiting in the tasting room's tasteful rack are illuminated by their own jewel-toned wrappers, flashing brilliantly against its classic dark wood. The overall effect is magical.

Santo Tomas

In addition to wines, the arty on-site store features clothing, hats and locally crafted olive oil. Guided tours of the facility and grounds are also available by reservation. Wine lovers from around the world will be captivated by this glorious new spin on Bodegas de Santo Tomás!


Km. 95 Highway 3 Tecate-Ensenada
San Antonio de las Minas

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