Adobe Guadalupe

Adobe Guadalupe

In Harmony with Nature and Unique Experiences with Wine

Stunning is a word that comes to mind when speaking about the Adobe Guadalupe Winery in El Porvenir. The graciousness of an old hacienda style permeates even the breeze and brings together the history of the valley, wine tasting and pure relaxation. A full weekend stay in the hacienda itself will take care of all the heart desires. The added feature is the guided horseback tours on the exquisite Azteca horses. If this were not enough, add the El Jardin patio restaurant and the very fun and popular food truck. Come to Adobe Guadalupe, step into Tru Miller’s dream, guided by Omar Acosta, and prepare to stay the afternoon.

Many of the wines are named for angels and the story of how that came to be weaves loving devotion with Mexican tradition. It combines a mother’s love for her son and his dream of one day coming to Mexico. His dream was never realized, but when it was time for retirement, Donald and Tru Miller chose Baja California to fulfill that dream. A lush vineyard paired with beautiful horses brought the dream into reality called Adobe Guadalupe.

Adobe Guadalupe

Starting the journey into the wines of the Adobe Guadalupe, one can stop off at the new boutique and wine tasting room which allows wine lovers to visit several wineries in one day. However, the beauty that is found here, and the excellent food choices may call the spirit to linger. The boutique is fashioned after an old mission, dramatic arches and a bell tower with a functioning bell. Graceful jacaranda trees are in full purple glory, happy bird songs fill the air and colorful blooming shrubs appear to be dancing with the breeze. Overhead metal sculpted horses gallop across the sky.

Starting with “Jardín Romántico,” a delightful blend of 80% Chardonnay, 20% Chenin Blanc. It is a pale-yellow green, clear and brilliant. It is a fresh non-oak fermentation that creates a youthful presentation just right for a summer picnic. Next the angels line up waiting for the wine lover’s attention for one never knows from where an angel will speak. First of the four reds is 2013 “Kerubiel,” angel of flame and lightening, has eleven months in the barrel and a blend of Syrah, Mourvèdre, Cinsault, and Grenache. Very aromatic, smooth with a fine balance, filling the mouth with a long complex finish. On to 2014 “Serafiel,” an eagle like winged one, is a blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Syrah with ten months in the barrel. Shimmering color of deep red fruit leads to the full aroma with earth and spicy notes and a lingering full body finish. Archangel “Gabriel,” the messenger, is a “classical blend” of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec. It has red fruit forward, complex with a touch of chocolate and a nice long finish. The 2014, “Rafael” is known as the supreme healer and patron to travelers. This is the last tasting, but certainly not the last of the heavenly hosts that Adobe Guadalupe has to offer. “Rafael is a blend of Nebbiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The red violet color was intense and there was a bold aroma of ripe berry. A full body and elegant wine with spicy notes. It would be a luscious pairing with dark chocolate riding along on Rafael’s long finish; certainly, a heavenly experience. Surprisingly, Lucifer is also found sharing the shelves and disguised as grappa, the crystal-clear distillation of the grape. Grappa’s very high alcohol content has gotten many an unsuspecting soul into trouble.

Adobe Guadalupe

Walking back out into the garden, it is time to consider staying longer. Over the tree tops is seen a royal blue Talavera tiled cupola; the tower of the tasting room and cellar. Travelers are welcomed to reserve their tasting here or if you would like to lunch at the El Jardín in the outdoor garden, speak to the friendly guard at the gate. Here under the trees with the vast view of the vineyards and mountains, Chef Costantino Dalobon, from Venice, creates large tantalizing pizza with thin crispy crust, adding his own artistic flair for unique presentations. Ask for one of the angels to join in for a perfect pairing. The menu offers many more surprises. All the while there is this feeling of being present in a mystical setting.

The spectacular and powerful Azteca horses are the love of Tru’s life. Many years ago, the Andalusian stallion was brought from Spain and bred with an American Quarter horse. Today Adobe Guadalupe is the largest breeder of Azteca horses in the world and has a stable of twenty-six. Lucky guests can have their first experience of riding these magnificent creatures.

When staying in one of the beautiful rooms of the B&B, guests are treated to breakfast and a wine tasting in the private cellar. Stepping into the inner court yard, the impressions of so many fine details takes time to gather in. The splendid fountain, fills both sight and sound spilling into clear shining pools below. The architecture is a replication of an old castle on the Caspian Sea. Many red brick arches cause geometric patterns of sunlight within shadows. Omar is well versed in all the details and is a perfect escort speaking almost reverently of his experiences since joining the staff. He points out a glossy raven landing on top of the fountain. It peers down at us with keen curiosity.

From the patio, we step into the grand living room, art objects are everywhere and a bouquet of roses fresh from the garden burst open in every color. Omar guides us through into the elegant dining room. Seating can be reserved for lunch and dinner whether or not you are staying in the six guest rooms. Even here the angels watch over our slumber. During these meals, the best of the reserve wines is poured. Tru Miller is very proud of their ongoing project of creating a world class reserve cellar. It is being seen that Gabriel and Rafael have an impressive capacity for aging. Tru Miller’s special and thoughtful touch can be seen everywhere in the attention to beauty and comfort. She welcomes guests with the graciousness of the old world. The Adobe Guadalupe fills all five senses and well beyond. Visit Adobe Guadalupe’s beautiful website that literally sings to the heart of wanderlust.

Article by Martina
Photography by Cintia Soto