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Watercraft Policies

Boating in Mexico?

Baja Bound offers Mexican insurance policies for recreational boats and personal watercraft while on the water. Our policies cover the legal requirement of liability coverage while boating in Mexico.

About our watercraft liability policies

We cover personal sailboats, powerboats, yachts and personal watercraft while on the water.

  • Buy coverage by the day or up to one year
  • Three limits of liability to choose from
  • Optional dinghy coverage
  • Legal assistance and bail bond
  • Excludes physical damage and theft coverage
  • Excludes medical payments for passengers
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'A' Rated Company

Chubb Seguros is rated mxAAA by Standard & Poors.

24/7 Claims Assistance

Chubb has representatives ready to help you file a claim.

Coverage Territory

Our watercraft policies cover Mexican oceans, lakes and rivers.


What is Mexican boat liability coverage?
Mexican boat liability insurance covers civil liability for property damage and/or bodily injury caused to third parties and includes legal assistance. Our policies do not cover damages to or theft of your boat or watercraft. Also excluded are medical payments for the passengers of the boat. We recommend checking with your U.S. medical insurance company to see if they offer medical coverage into Mexico.
Why do I need Mexican boat liability insurance?
Boats entering Mexican ports are required to carry civil liability (third party) coverage for potential damages to third parties. As with operating a vehicle in Mexico, you must have proof of financial responsibility in the event that you are involved in an accident while operating a boat in Mexican waters and ports.
Are damages or theft of my boat or watercraft covered by this policy?
No. Physical damage or theft of your boat/watercraft are not covered by our policies. Contact your boat insurance company to find out if any hull insurance that you may have covers in Mexican waters.
I'll be towing my boat behind my vehicle in Mexico. Will this policy cover me?
No. Watercraft policies will only cover your boat while on the water. However, we offer coverage on autos and trailers too! If your boat will be towed, it's important to list it and the boat trailer on your primary vehicle's Mexican insurance policy. In essence, you'll require two policies.
Do you cover commercial boats or boats while racing?
No. Any commercial vessel, vessels used for hire whether for public transportation of cargo or passengers, or those used for wholesale or retail delivery are all excluded from coverage. Vessels are also not covered while racing or while involved in competition of any kind, including support vehicles for racing events.


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