Hacienda La Lomita

Hacienda La Lomita Embodies Family and Dreams

By Martina
Photography by Cintia Soto

Hacienda La Lomita Hacienda La Lomita

Founded: 2005
Wine Tasting Hours:
Wed - Sun 11:30 - 3pm

Wine Tasting Fee:
$25 Pesos (appx US $2.15)

Hacienda La Lomita

Hacienda La Lomita represents the future of winemaking in Mexico. As visitors pass through its traditional hacienda style facade (including fantastic wooden doors, wrought iron porticos and use of clay and quarry stone) into the breathtakingly modern interior, it suddenly becomes apparent that this won't be a typical wine-tasting experience. Rather, the winery and its owners offer a new vision - a new future - where glistening technology and contemporary vinification methods unify to create bold, exciting Mexican wines.

Hacienda La Lomita

Elegant, warm and welcoming Hacienda La Lomita was conceived of in 2005 and began offering wine for purchase just one year later in 2006. The creation of lifelong friends Fernando Perez Castro and Reynaldo Rodriguez, the winery took shape shortly after the Perez Castro family purchased a few hectares of land in lovely Valle de Guadalupe. Enthusiastic about producing his own wine, Fernando traveled to visit his childhood friend in La Rioja Alavesa, Spain where Reynaldo was busy earning a graduate degree in enology and viticulture.

Today, guests travel long distances to taste some of the bold, fruit-forward wines produced by Hacienda La Lomita's dynamic duo. From their seductive, smoky Pagan - a Grenache with hints of cacao... to the delicate golden White Space - a sparkling chardonnay with notes of honey, syrup and wheat; all of the Hacienda La Lomita wines are created with passion and painstaking attention to detail. Red wine lovers thrill to their boldly acidic, blue-violet Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot and the memorable fruity blend Tinto de la Hacienda.

Hacienda La Lomita

These gorgeous wines can be tasted or purchased in Hacienda La Lomita's inviting, contemporary style tasting room which also features striking locally made sculptures. Many handmade artisanal products created from locally sourced ingredients are offered for sale in the tasting room, including jam and fruit preserves, olive oil, organic soap and exquisite amber stone jewelry.

Guided tours of the premises are given by Enologist Reynaldo himself, who delights in sharing his pristinely clean, state-of-the-art wine cellar with 350 barrel capacity and temperature and humidity control. He personally explains the free-flow design of their winemaking process and the different types of oak used to store Hacienda La Lomita wines.

With only a handful of years in operation, Hacienda La Lomita has already earned several prestigious awards for its wines and is well poised as a leader in bringing Mexican wine to prominence on the world stage. From the glorious vista near the property's vertical garden and cascading waterfall, the future of Mexican wine looks very bright!


Comunidad de San Marcos
Fraccionamiento 13
San Antonio de las Minas
Phone from U.S: 011-52 (646) 156-8459
Hacienda La Lomita Website

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Hacienda La Lomita
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