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                                        Please review the Affiliate Agreement. After we receive your application, we will notify you of approval. At that time you will have access to your account and advertising banners.

                                        Make Extra Money With Your Website!

                                        • Make great money on new & repeat business
                                        • Monthly pay out
                                        • Easy account set up
                                        • Online income tracking
                                        • Quality insurance products
                                        • Great customer service support
                                        • The easiest way to buy Mexican insurance
                                        • Baja Bound advertising banners

                                        Frequently Asked Questions

                                        How do I get paid?

                                        Payments are sent by either Paypal or check.

                                        How often do I get paid?

                                        If you have earned more than $25 in commission fees during a month, a payment will be made to you by the 15th of the following month. If you have earned less than $25, a payment will be made to you once your earnings hit $25 or within 6 months, whichever comes first.

                                        Why should I choose your affiliate program?

                                        Besides earning generous income, we know how important it is to refer your website guests to someone who you can have confidence in. Baja Bound has been online selling insurance since 1999. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau and strive to satisfy our customers and offer quality products at a competitive price. Learn more about us.

                                        How does the program work?

                                        Upon approval of your application, you will have access to our advertising banners and links. Add our banners and links to areas of your site you feel get the most traffic. The links will uniquely identify your site when a customer clicks on it to visit Baja Bound. We will track the number of quotes generated from your online advertising. At any time you may log into your account to check on your income earned.

                                        What information do I need to sign up?

                                        To sign up, we require your name, website name, website url, address, phone, email address, and whether you would like to be paid by Paypal or check. We will request a W9 from you to send your first payment.

                                        Where can I advertise Baja Bound banners and links?

                                        Our banners and links may be added to your website, blog, social media and emails as long as they are in accordance with our Affiliate Agreement.

                                        How can I maximize my income?

                                        We recommend adding our banners or links to your homepage and other high traffic pages such as driving directions pages or maps. Helpful pages that show how to arrive to a destination are ideal. Consider adding Mexican insurance related content to your site or a page about why Mexican insurance is important. If you send out a confirmation email to your customers just before they visit, including an affilate banner in the email can be successful. If you would like some help or suggestions on where to put banners and links, please contact us. We would be happy to help!

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                                        "Baja123.com has been a member of Baja Bound’s affiliate program for many many years now. They have one of the best and easiest to use digital platforms for Mexico Auto Insurance. I was already referring our clients to them before the affiliate program but now I get paid for it! They have an amazing team along with a great product and I highly recommend them." - Kanoa Biondolillo, Baja 123 Real Estate

                                        "I'd used Baja Bound personally for years with never a complaint, so I didn't hesitate to recommend them to my clients. It was a super easy process to get signed up with their affiliate program. All I did was put up some banners on my website and every month a check arrives in the mail. Income tracking is easy to do on my Baja Bound online account." - Mike Sagorin, Las-Gaviotas.com Vacation Rentals

                                        "We are so thankful for our affiliate status with Baja Bound. We love partnering with organizations that understand the need to work together for the greater good. It’s been a great way to help with our ever-challenging fundraising efforts for our orphanage here in Mexico." DJ Schuetze - Door of Faith Orphanage