La Casa de Doña Lupe

Wine, Olive Oil, Herbs, Homemade Treats, Teas and Homestyle Pizza in the Heart of the Valley

Doña Lupe Doña Lupe

Wine Tasting Hours:
Mon - Sun 9am - 6pm
Wine Tasting Fee: $50 pesos/pp
Phone from U.S.:
011-52 (646) 155-2323

Arriving at the intimate Doña Lupe winery just past L.A. Cetto, you will be pleased to discover its down to earth, homestyle appeal. This small scale farm/winery is family owned and operated. Their passion for nature and love for what they do shines in every crop, herb, baked good and bottle. Doña Lupe and her family offer the highest quality handmade products to all of her many visitors.

Dona Lupe

For approximately four decades, Doña Lupe and her son Daniel have worked the 30 hectares of land purchased by her late husband. From the beautiful grapes and olives they produce, they fashion a wide array of delicious quasi-organic creations including locally pressed olive oil, pesto sauce, gourmet marmelade, homemade bread and pizza, in addition to their glorious dessert wines and blended wines. Daniel studied for many years to become an organic vintner and takes great pride in the robust, flavorful wines he produces.

Doña Lupe wines are beloved for their unusual sweetness. For example, "Senorita" is a grenache-sauvignon blanc blend which makes the most of the vibrant "old vine" grenache grapes grown for generations on the property. Other delightful dessert wine options include their honey wine, and a wine made from raisined grapes. Wine connoisseurs who prefer a dryer, bolder flavor will appreciate the ruby cabernet/cabernet blend and one of their newest additions, the nebbiolo/cabernet sauvignon blend.

Dona Lupe

This winery is unique in Valle de Guadalupe thanks to its abiding commitment to farm using no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Even when their crops were attacked by the notorious olive fruit fly, Doña Lupe's son Daniel chose to use neem-based products rather than jumping on board with the dimethoate used by other wineries in the region. The winery has used drip irrigation for over 25 years, saving much water in the process. All food and drink on the Doña Lupe farm are essentially organic but Doña Lupe honorably refrains from publicizing that fact as she cannot vouch for what neighboring wineries are spraying on their own crops. In short Dona Lupe and her son practice holistic, environmentally friendly cultivation which results in vibrant, flavorful crops.

A much appreciated addition to the Doña Lupe property and Spanish style tasting room has been the return of Lupe's daughter Shirley to the family farm, where she lovingly prepares fresh bread and pizza for winery visitors. She has also added many of her own special touches to the products on display for sale including incense, herbal tonics and special cakes. When you visit the tasting room be sure to enjoy grape preserves with locally crafted cheese on some of Shirley's homemade bread - wow!

Dona Lupe

The Doña Lupe family farm and winery has no plans to expand production or attempt to capture a larger space within the international market. They are happy to be a high quality, lovingly run, quasi-organic family business with all of the integrity and autonomy that implies.

Km. 73.5 Highway 3 Tecate-Ensenada
Valle de Guadalupe

Updated: Jul 20, 2018 04:14 PM