Norte 32

Tintos del Norte 32 Tintos del Norte 32

Founded: 2005
Volume: 2,000 cases/year
Wine Tasting Hours:
By Appointment

Wine Tasting Fee: $6.00
Phone from U.S:
011-52 (646) 126-9071

After 34 years of working in commercial aviation, Captain Oscar Obregon decided to purchase some land and construct a winery. The winery was named the north side 32 as it is the precise geographical location of Obregon's vineyards. Obregon named his vineyards the Vinicola Tintos del Norte 32. Most people refer to the winery as Tintos del Norte 32. It is also known simply as Norte 32.

Tintos del Norte 32

Captain Obregon hired Jose Luis Durand to offer him advice about the perfection of wine-making. This was a wise decision as, just a few years later, Durand has been noted as "Smart and very creative, Jose Luis Durand is currently making right now the best wines in Baja. When we look back at the history of Baja California winemaking, Jose will no doubt rank among the greatest." These are the words from San Diego Red who has named Durand "The Best Winemaker of 2012."

The winery is located in the fertile Valle de Guadalupe just minutes from the beautiful city of Ensenada on Calle 10s/n Francisco Zarco. Norte 32 offers guided tours and wine tasting. It is known for the outstanding red wines it produces. The winery offers a selection of three smooth wines known as "Norte 32 black label," "Norte 32 White Label," and "Teziano," which is a cabernet sauvignon. The vineyard grows a variety of grapes including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah, Nebbiolo and Grenache.

The winery, as one of its more popular varieties, offers the 2009 vintage wine, 32 North. This particular variety was created by the owner, Captain Obregon. It uses only one variety of grapes - the Cabernet Sauvignon. It contains an alcohol content of 13.5 per cent. It is aged for seven months in American oak barrels. Forty per cent of these barrels are used for the first time while 60 per cent are used for the second time. The fruit tastes of burnt caramel flavors and it leaves a rich taste. As it sits in the wine glass it evolves with new scents such as eucalyptus leaves and vanilla.

Tintos del Norte 32 was founded in 2005 and is currently producing 2000 cases per year. The winery has already added a number of awards for the outstanding wine it produces. It is definitely one of the wineries, in the Guadalupe Valley, which will become more famous with each passing year.

Tintos del Norte 32
At the end of Calle 10
In the town of Francisco Zarco in the Valle de Guadalupe

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