The 2014 Baja Calendar - Journey Down Baja
The 2014 Deluxe Baja California Wall Calendar - Available Now!

The two amigos from Baja Jims have been hard at work creating their follow-up to last year's warmly received 2013 Baja Calendar called "Journey Down Baja". The two lifelong friends, Jim Cline and Jim Hendricks, and their San Diego company, Baja Jims, are on a mission to share the wonders of Baja California with a global audience.

Baja Jims publishes The Baja Calendar, which features Baja California photography captured through the lens of professional photographer and Baja guide, Jim Cline. The calendar has been described as "Wall Art For The Baja Fan".

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The 2014 Baja Calendar is once again named "Journey Down Baja". This theme allows Baja Jims to take you on a photographic and narrative journey traveling north to south down the world's second longest peninsula, which offers almost 1000 miles of natural beauty. The hope is to inspire people to be more adventurous, and explore this magical land where the desert meets the sea. Driving down the Baja peninsula is always a great adventure and never disappoints those who make the trip.

Baja Jims' photographer Jim Cline is based in San Diego, California. He leads photo tours to the best photographic locations in Baja California, Mainland Mexico, Guatemala and Peru. He always strives to capture the true feeling of a place he photographs. It all began for Jim leading groups down Baja to see the gray whales in Ojo de Liebre and San Ignacio Lagoons. He also led dozens of his photo tours to Ensenada and Tecate, and the best locations in Baja Sur. He has driven up and down the Baja peninsula too many times to count. Jim lives in San Diego with his wife Joi, and his boys Jake and Josh. To see more info on his photographic tours go to

Jim Hendricks is an internet entrepreneur, amateur photographer, commercial project superintendent, and co-owner of Baja Jims. Jim manages the web properties, social media, and marketing for the company. Jim fell in love with Baja when he made the journey down the entire length of the peninsula in a Ford Explorer in the 90's. He's been bitten by the Baja bug ever since. Jim has made numerous trips exploring Baja Norte, which is just a short drive from his home in San Diego where he lives with his wife, Denise.

The "Baja Jims" are life-long friends and always ready for another adventurous journey down Baja. Publishing The Baja Calendar allows them to carry on a Baja Calendar tradition started by the late Chuck Chambers, aka Carlos Fiesta, and Dana Hills High School Marine Ecology teacher, Marv Sherrill over a decade ago.

The guys at Baja Jims will be the first to tell you that they never expected The Baja Calendar to resonate with so many people so quickly. The popularity of the calendar both in the U.S. and internationally, has helped Baja Jims create valuable new friendships, gain exposure for their Baja Calendar product, and partner up with people, organizations, businesses and worthwhile causes that share a common bond. Baja California.

The new 2014 Baja Calendar begins in January at the northern city of Tecate, and takes you all the way to Lands End at Cabo San Lucas in December. The calendar itself is a premium quality, full-color, over-sized wall calendar that features twelve full-page 11" x 14" Baja photos, as well as 15 more inset Baja photos and stories. It's a great gift for any Baja California fan.

Available Now!

You can order The Baja Calendar by visiting The Baja Calendar website. The calendar is only $16.95, and Baja Jims offers a "Buy Three - Get One Free" deal. While their supplies last, they are giving away a free 2013 Baja Calendar with each order.

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