Get an IAVE Pass and Zip Thru the Toll Booth!

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With the toll booths getting busier and busier, the IAVE pass is a great way to get through the toll booth faster. Passholders enjoy short lines, dedicated lanes, automated payment and discounted toll rates.

What does IAVE stand for?

IAVE stands for Identificación Automática Vehiclar or Automatic Vehicle Identification that allows you to pay tolls electronically.

How does the IAVE system work?

Once enrolled, the IAVE office will give you a transponder to attach to your windshield. The transponder is a plastic unit approximately the length and height of a credit card, but much thicker. As you approach the IAVE lane, the traffic light will be red and the arm will be down. The system will read your transponder to identify your vehicle and deduct the toll. Then the light will turn green and the arm will raise up so you may continue.

Where is the dedicated IAVE lane?

Near the toll booth, there are signs directing you to the dedicated IAVE lane. Between Tijuana and Ensenada, these lanes are to the right. The lanes are brightly painted and light up at night like a landing strip to be easily identified. There are other lanes that accept the IAVE as well, but they are not dedicated lanes.

What forms of payment are accepted to pay for the tolls through the IAVE?

You may pre-pay toll fares on your IAVE pass by visiting the office to deposit money. The pass may also be associated with your credit card and billed regularly.

Where can I get an IAVE pass?

There are two IAVE information offices along the Tijuana-Ensenada toll road:

  • Playas de Tijuana - Near the old toll booth (located before the new toll booth). If you are driving South, it is on the left.
  • Ensenada - Near the toll booth. If you are driving South, it is on the left.
How much does it cost?

There is an initial fee for a windshield sticker or transponder. The sticker is $172.50 Pesos (approximately US $13.35) and the transponder is $557.00 Pesos (approximately US $44.55). If you wish to pre-pay the tolls, then you may add a toll payment in the following denominations:

  • $200 Pesos (appx. US$18.35) - for 8 toll fares
  • $500 Pesos (appx. US$45.87) - for 20 toll fares
  • $1000 Pesos (appx. US$91.74) - for 40 toll fares
  • $1500 Pesos (appx. US$137.61) - for 61 toll fares
  • $2000 Pesos (appx. US$183.49) - for 81 toll fares
  • $2500 Pesos (appx. US$229.36) - for 101 toll fares

These rates reflect a 6% savings on each toll.

What are the requirements to get an IAVE pass?

In order to obtain an IAVE pass, bring the following with you:

  • A valid ID (U.S. ID is OK)
  • The sticker or transponder fee
  • If you wish to pre-pay, an advance payment of at least $200 Pesos (US$18.35)
Is the IAVE system available at other toll booths around Mexico?

Yes. The IAVE is available at the majority of toll booths around the country. You may like to visit the IAVE website to view a map ("Mapa Carretera") of where the IAVE pass may be used. The site has other good information too, but only in Spanish.

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