Driving in Mexico

Mexican Toll Roads and Green Angels

Map Your Toll Road Route

Mexico boasts an extensive network of well maintained toll roads throughout the country. For road and toll information, visit the SCT (Secretaria de Communicación y Transportes) website (in English!) for:

  • Detailed maps of toll roads throughout Mexico
  • Toll costs
  • Approximate fuel costs for a route
  • Map your route for a breakdown and total of the tolls. Map Your Route
Toll Road Signage
Toll road costs for Baja California Norte as of May 2018:
  • Playas de Tijuana - $35 Pesos (appx US $1.82)
  • Rosarito - $35 Pesos (appx US $1.82
  • Ensenada - $37 Pesos (appx US $1.92)
  • Tijuana to Tecate - $111 Pesos (appx US $5.77)
  • Tecate to Mexicali - $210 Pesos (appx US $10.91 and a total of 4 toll booths)

Zip through the toll booths with IAVE - the electronic way to pay!

Toll Road Insurance

Did you know when you pay a toll you are automatically covered by the insurance provided by Caminos y Puentes Federales? When you receive the receipt from the toll booth (make sure to keep it in a safe place you will need it to file a claim) read the back of it. It may say something like this: "El seguro cubre responsabilidad civil, gastos medicos y ultimos gastos." English translation: "Insurance covers civil liability, medical payments and funeral expenses." This insurance has always been somewhat of a mystery to people. What exactly does it cover? Here we explain what it does (and doesn't cover) while you are on the toll road.

Toll Road Insurance Coverage:

The insurance covers two different situations. One, if you are at fault it will cover the following:

  • Damage to the road
  • Damage to other vehicles including medical payments for occupants and pedestrians
  • Medical payments and funeral expenses for occupants of your vehicle
  • There is no deductible if you are driving a car, but there are deductibles if you are driving a bus or a small bus or larger vehicle

    The insurance will not cover damage to your vehicle if you are at fault

Secondly, if you are not at fault, it will pay for :

  • Damage to your vehicle including towing expenses
  • Medical payments for occupants of your vehicle including land ambulance to the nearest medical center
  • The above will be covered as a consequence of landslides, objects within the asphalt, holes, and substances that have been spilled on the road.
  • If tires have been damaged, lights broken, or glass breakage has occured to the vehicle, the insurance will only cover the damage if it is due to loose pavement on the road due to maintenence of the road.

You may learn more and read the conditions of the insurance in Spanish by visiting the Seguro del Usuario page on Caminos y Puentes website.

Green Angels - Ángeles Verdes
Green Angels / ángeles Verdes

The green angels are mobile mechanics who patrol the Mexican toll roads in spiffy green trucks to offer free assistance in the case of a breakdown (labor and towing are free, but to replace a part would be at the expense of the car owner). In addition, they are equipped to give tourist information as they are connected to government offices via a network. Although their services are free, tips are appreciated.

Take notice of the emergency signs along the road with phone numbers. If your vehicle breaks down, pull over to the side of the road and lift the hood to signal them. Call one of the numbers below depending upon which toll road you are on and the green angels are on their way to help.

  • Tijuana - Ensenada ~ 01 800 990 3900
  • El Hongo - La Rumorosa ~ 01 800 990 3900
  • Tijuana - Tecate ~ 01 800 888 0911