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Mexico RV and Motorhome Import Permits

For questions about vehicle permits please call Banjercito at 011-52-555-328-2329.
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RV'ers excited about traveling in their home away from home throughout mainland Mexico will be glad to know that they may now legally keep their motorhome on Mexican territory for up to 10 years using a single vehicle permit. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions you may have about purchasing a temporary import permit for your RV or motorhome!
What is the difference if I pre-register online or apply and pay online from Banjercito's website?

Pre-registration allows you to begin the permit process online and then you will simply pick up your permit at any Banjercito Module at the border. Be sure to take note of your confirmation number and the necessary documents you will need to present. Applying and paying online on the other hand, allows the added convenience of having the permit mailed to you if there is enough time.

How much will a permit cost for my RV or motorhome?

The cost of your temporary import permit is currently U.S. $51.75 including IVA if purchased at a border consulate or Banjercito office or U.S. $49.50 if purchased online. This will be applied in Mexican pesos at the current exchange rate.

How long is the RV permit good for?

Unlike other vehicle import permits that are valid up to 6 months, RV and Motorhome permits are valid up to 10 years.

Who can apply online for a temporary Mexico import permit for the RV or motorhome?

At the current time, only citizens of the US or Canada may apply online for a temporary import permit for their RV or motorhome. Citizens from other countries may pre-register their vehicles online but they will still need to visit a border Banjercito office to present their original documents plus one copy of each.

What documents will I need to submit with my Mexico RV permit application?

No matter which way you decide to apply for your permit, you will need to have in your possession ORIGINAL copies of several required documents. The documents you need differ based upon your nationality, visa status, and whether or not you are the owner of the vehicle, but below are general guidelines. Check the Banjercito website for more information.

  • One of the following documents that prove your citizenship:
    • Passport or passport card
    • Birth certificate
    • Certificate of naturalization
  • One of the following that shows your legal ownership of the vehicle:
    • Your vehicle registration - The vehicle registration must be in the driver's name.
    • Vehicle title (pink slip)
    • Purchase invoice
    • Finance contract from your bank or a letter from the bank stating you are making payments. The letter must not be older than 3 months.
  • A rental contract if rented
  • If you owe money on the vehicle through a lien holder, you must provide a notarized letter of permission
  • A Mexican tourist card (FMM) or visa for travel in Mexico
I'm not the owner of the motorhome. What are my options?

If you are not the owner and the motorhome is property of your family, you will need a document that proves your relationship to the owner, i.e. a marriage certificate or birth certificate. If the motorhome is owned by a company, bring a document that states you are an employee of the company.

Can I use a credit or debit card to pay for my permit?

If applying by internet, you may use your credit card to make your payment. It is important to note that many debit cards will not accept charges made online so make sure that you have the appropriate VISA, American Express or Mastercard logo on your card before attempting to purchase using a debit transaction. Please note that if purchasing your permit online, the credit card used MUST be issued to the importer's name. Your card must also be issued in a country outside of Mexico and valid internationally.

How far in advance can I apply for my RV vehicle permit?

You may request your temporary import permit up to 6 months (180 days) in advance of the time you plan to travel.

If I want to apply online and receive the permit by mail, how far in advance do I need to apply?

It is strongly recommended that you plan your trip in advance and apply for your permit no less than 10 days before you plan to leave. During holidays and other busy times of the year, it is recommended to plan further in advance and allow 2-3 weeks for your permit to arrive.

What if I have less than 10 days before I am supposed to leave on my trip into Mexico?

No problem...you can always stop at one of the Banjercito offices located at the border when entering Mexico and apply for your permit in person.

What will happen if the numbers on my 10 year RV vehicle permit do not match the numbers in my documents or on my vehicle?

Check your permit very carefully to make sure that all information is correct. Make sure to verify that the VIN number on your permit is a perfect match with the number that appears upon your vehicle sticker and your original documents. Should the VIN be entered incorrectly or missing digits, your motor home could be mistaken for another. Discrepancies in the information may cause problems and delays.

Once our RV has received a permit, do we need to bring the original copies of our legal documents into Mexico with us?

Yes. You will need to bring along all of your original documents and the original permit when traveling in Mexico. Your vehicle may be inspected by Mexican authorities at any time during your stay and you will need to present all original documentation at that that time.

What kind of RV and motorhome type of vehicles are eligible to receive a Mexican temporary import permit good for 10 years?

RV temporary import permits are granted for motorhomes or fully converted vans. Pick-up trucks with slide in campers are not eligible for 10 year permits.

What happens if we want to tow a second vehicle behind our RV or motorhome? Do we need two different permits?

Motorhomes are allowed to tow a second vehicle. The second (towed) vehicle is eligible for a 6 month temporary import permit. One driver may now use their valid U.S. drivers license, credit card with Visa/AMEX/Mastercard logo and original citizenship documentation to bond both vehicles (RV and towed vehicle) at the same time.

We are ready to leave Mexico with our RV. What do we do to legally cancel our Mexico motorhome permit?

Before crossing back into the U.S., you must take your motorhome or RV to the nearest Banjercito Module for your permit to be canceled and the sticker removed from your vehicle. They will issue a return certificate to you.

What happens if I do not return the permit before leaving Mexico?

Banjercito will request that you return to the border to cancel the permit. It is best to return the permit so that you do not run into future problems with this or other vehicles you may wish to drive to Mexico.

Is it okay to peel off the hologram sticker on the wind shield of our RV or motorhome if we are planning to leave Mexico?

No. It is essential that the Banjercito or border agent remove the sticker at the same time that they check your VIN and take photos of your VIN plate.

The above information is courtesy of Banjercito - Banco Nacional del Ejército, Fuerza Aérea y Armada.