Sonora Only Vehicle Permits from Banjercito

Banjercito's online vehicle permit registration offers travelers to Sonora an easy way to get their Sonora Only permit by mail (if time allows) or pre-register online and save time picking it up at either the Mexican consulate in Phoenix or at one of the Banjercito Modules located at the border in Agua Prieta, Cananea or Empalme.

What is the Sonora Only Program?

The Sonora Only Program is a vehicle permit program unique to Sonora. The permit is less expensive (unless purchased online) than the permits to travel to other states, but the vehicle permit is only good for driving in the state of Sonora. In recent years the program was expanded to include many popular tourist destinations with the intention to make it easier to visit these cities.

Do I need a vehicle permit to travel to Rocky Point?

No permit is required to travel to Rocky Point. These cities are also part of the Sonora permit-free zone: Guaymas, San Carlos, Hermosillo, Bahia de Kino, Caborca, Father Kino Missions, Magdalena and Santa Ana.

Who needs a vehicle permit when driving in Sonora?

The Sonora Only permit is needed when driving east of Highway 15 and south of Empalme.

What does it cost to get a Sonora Only permit?

Fees for a Sonora Only vehicle permit in $USD, including IVA are:
  • $26.62 at the Banjercito Module at Empalme
  • $29.09 at the Banjercito Modules at Agua Prieta and Cananea
  • $52.19 from Banjercito website

What are the features of getting a Sonora Only vehicle permit online?

The online system at Banjercito offers either pre-registration or the option to buy and pay online.

Features of pre-registration:

  • Autos, motorhomes and boats may be pre-registered
  • Reduces the time for you to get your permit
  • You may pre-register up until the day before you go to Mexico
  • Bring your pre-registration code with you to pick up your permit
  • Bring all required documentation and copies for verification
  • Remember to return the permit to the Banjercito Module. This registers the return of your vehicle.
Features of completing the entire process and payment online:
  • Available for autos, motorhomes and boats
  • May be mailed to you by FedEx or another courier service
  • May be completed as far as 60 days in advance
  • Requires at least 7-10 days lead time before your trip
  • Remember to return the permit to the Banjercito Module. This registers the return of your vehicle.

What information do I need for Banjercito's vehicle permit online application?

  • A document that proves your citizenship (you will need to enter the document number):
    • Passport or passport card
    • Certificate of naturalization
    • Resident alien card
  • Date you will enter Mexico
  • Email address - You will be sent a confirmation email with a pre-registration number
  • Number of passengers in your vehicle
  • Address - This is the address the permit will be mailed to
  • Your vehicle's VIN number
  • Credit or debit card that allows foreign transactions

If I pre-register, where do I pick up my Sonora Only vehicle permit?

Pre-registered vehicle permits may be picked up at the Mexican consulate in Phoenix, Arizona or one of the Banjercito Modules located at the border cities of Agua Prieta, Cananea or Empalme.

If I pre-register, what documents do I need to bring with me to Banjercito to pick up my permit?

It is important to bring all documents you used to complete the online application (as well as a copy or two). The documents will be verified by Banjercito employees. These documents could include your passport or passport card and vehicle registration or title. Remember to bring your pre-registration code. If you need permission to take the vehicle to Mexico, i.e. if you are making payments or the vehicle is rented, it is important to bring the proof that the vehicle may leave the country in the form of a letter from your bank or a car rental agreement that states the vehicle may be in Mexico. Remember to buy Mexican insurance before your trip. It is easier to buy online than at the border.

If I receive my permit by mail, what documentation do I need to take with me to Mexico?

Bring all documents used to complete the online application, i.e. passport, and a copy or two of those documents as well as your vehicle registration or title, the vehicle permit you received and the sticker to be adhered to your windshield. If you were required to get a letter of permission from your bank to take the vehicle into Mexico, it is important to bring the letter with you. Remember to buy Mexican insurance before your trip. It is easier to buy online than at the border. Stop at the border for your tourist visa (FMM) if you need one!

Sources: Banjercito website, Banjercito staff and Sonora Turismo. Map courtesy of Sonora Turismo.

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