Mexican Tourist Cards (FMM)

Mexican Tourist Cards (FMM) 2023

Updated March 29, 2023

Mexican Immigration
Tourist Card (FMM) Facts:
  • The FMM is a document issued by Mexico's INM (Instituto Nacional de Migración)
  • Casually called a tourist card or tourist "visa" although it is not officially a visa
  • Issued to U.S., Canadian and other nationalities for vacation or visitor purposes
  • Easily obtained at an INM office at the border or online. (If you get an FMM online, it is still required to stop at an INM office at the border for the official entry stamp. If applicable, you will also need to have a copy of your payment receipt.).
  • Requires a valid passport or passport card
  • The stamped FMM is valid for land travel throughout Mexico
  • Cost: $687.00 Pesos (appx U.S. $38) per person; FREE if the trip is 7 days or less and you cross by land
  • May be issued for up to 180 days

Traveling through San Ysidro/El Chaparral? See where to get a tourist card at the El Chaparral border crossing (San Ysidro/Tijuana).

Visit the online FMM application or read more on how to get an FMM online now.

FAQs about Tourist Cards (FMM):
Baja Bound staff, INM, U.S. Dept of State

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