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Vehicle Permits FAQs From Banjercito

Please Note: For current information, please call Banjercito directly at 011-52-556-272-2728, press 7 or 011-52-555-626-0500 x2637. For general information on procedures to visit Mexico, call 1-877-210-9469. English speaking representatives are available until 2pm CST. Below is a courtesy translation of the FAQs (Preguntas Frequentes) found on Banjercito's website for the convenience of those who do not read Spanish.

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If I am making payments on my vehicle, what documentation do I need to bring?

Bring the valid registration that shows your license plate numbers or the invoice/loan documents that are in your name. If you bring the invoice/loan documents, they should be less than 3 months old.

Who may apply for a vehicle permit for a particular vehicle?

Parents, children, siblings, or the husband or wife of the owner of the vehicle may apply as long as they have a birth certificate or marriage certificate to prove their relationship.

Who is allowed to drive the vehicle?

The vehicle may be driven in Mexico by the importer, their spouse, their parents and children, and brothers and sisters as long as they are not residents of Mexico. Other people of the same migratory status may also drive the vehicle. If someone other than those allowed will drive the vehicle, the importer must be in the vehicle as well.

If the vehicle is owned by a business, what documents are required?

Bring the title or registration in the name of the business and a letter that proves the employer/employee relationship.

Can the vehicle permit be canceled at the Mexican consulate or by internet?

No, cancellations are only done at the Banjercito Modules that are found at the border where Banjercito has staff members to help. It is necessary to bring the vehicle, the hologram and the permit so that everything may be canceled together.

What if I do not have the vehicle present to cancel the permit?

Contact Mexican customs authorities so that they may help you by either dialing (from Mexico) 01-800-463-6728, press option 7 for "comercio exterior" and then press 2 for "Cuidad de Mexico." From the U.S. dial 1-877-448-8728 or send an email to CIITEVAduanaMexico@sat.gob.mx for more information.

May I bring a trailer and motorcycle along with my vehicle?

Yes, just as long as ownership is proven and only one permit is paid for. The number of towed vehicles allowed (this includes non-street legal: motorcycles, quads, vehicles, as well as jet skis) is three.

May I sell the vehicle I have temporarily imported into Mexico?

No, it is strictly prohibited to sell, give or transfer ownership of the vehicle as well as use it for the transport of cargo, or for commercial activities. If you do not follow these restrictions, you may have serious legal problems.

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