Drive Across the Border Easily
5/805 Southbound Merge into TJ at El Chaparral

Crossing the border into Mexico is easy.

1. Generally the border wait south is negligible. The new border crossing, El Chaparral, has greatly improved the wait time, if any, into Mexico. On Friday evenings there may be a border line, but even then it is usually only about 15 minutes.

2. Mexican Customs (Aduanas) checks are random. Unlike crossing into the U.S., not all cars are stopped by authorities, making crossing very simple. If you have nothing to declare, use the Nothing to Declare/Nada que declarar lanes. Learn more about Clearing Customs, Bringing Food, Animals and Plants, and Traveling with Pets.

3. Need a Tourist Card (FMM)? It is easy to get one. Check our page called Mexican Tourist Cards (FMM). If you are crossing at El Chaparral, find out how to get an FMM at El Chaparral.

4. Vehicle permits are NOT needed in Baja. Traveling to the mainland? Learn more about Vehicle Permits in Mexico.

A Great Way to Use This Border Camera

If you have ever been in line, only to notice the line down the 5 South was shorter, you'll love the border camera! Check it to see which freeway has a shorter line before you get there. Above on the border camera, the 5 South is the freeway that is relatively straight to the right of the southbound merge. The 805 South is to the left of the merge and has an overpass that curves at the top of the screen.

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