SentriSaver Policy

The SENTRISaver policy is an exclusive offer only for SENTRI program members that provides discounted insurance rates through HDI Seguros. SENTRI program members can now save up to 20% annually on their auto insurance for Mexico. Coverage starts as low as $124 per year!

Are you a SENTRI Member?

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If you meet these requirements, you qualify!

  • Coverage for U.S. and Canadian plated vehicles only
  • Vehicle must be registered in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection SENTRI program*
  • Driver listed on the policy must have a valid SENTRI card in their name issued by U.S. Customs and Border Protection when the policy is issued

*Proof of SENTRI registration, ie. a printout from your GOES account, will be required in case of a claim.

Features of the SENTRISaver Policy:

  • Save up to 20% on high quality insurance from HDI Seguros
  • HDI Seguros was recently ranked #1 in customer satisfaction
  • Annual policy
  • Provides coverage anywhere in Mexico
  • Policies are available for cars, trucks, SUVs and vans
  • Liability only or full coverage policies
  • Legal aid and bail bond coverage included
  • Roadside assistance available for most vehicles
  • Vehicles may be fixed in the U.S. or Mexico
  • Claims may be settled in U.S. dollars

FAQs about the SENTRISaver policy:

  • What is the SENTRISaver policy?
    The SENTRISaver policy is an innovative Mexican auto insurance policy by HDI Seguros offering discounted insurance to those who are enrolled in the SENTRI program. The vehicle must also be enrolled in the SENTRI program.
  • What is the SENTRI program run by U.S. Customs and Border Protection?
    The SENTRI program features dedicated commuter lanes open only to pre-approved, low risk travelers crossing into the U.S. from Mexico. These lanes are typically much shorter than regular border crossing lanes. SENTRI applicants go through rigorous background checks to obtain approval and are issued a SENTRI ID card. More info...
  • Why do I need at least Mexican auto liability coverage?
    Mexican authorities do not recognize U.S. insurance coverage if you are involved in an accident in Mexico. In case of an accident, you may need to present proof of financial responsibility. One way to do this is with an auto insurance policy for Mexico.
  • How can I get a quote or buy a SENTRISaver policy?
    SENTRISaver quotes and policies are available online or by calling our office at 1-888-552-2252.
  • What information will I need to buy a SENTRISaver policy?
    To buy a policy, have your driver's license, vehicle registration and SENTRI card handy. You will also need the name of your U.S. insurance company and if you are making payments on your vehicle, the name of the bank or finance company.
  • Who qualifies for the SENTRISaver policy?
    If you have a valid SENTRI card, your vehicle is enrolled in the program, and you have U.S. or Canadian license plates on your vehicle, you qualify! Those with Mexican license plates on their vehicles do not qualify for this policy.
  • If I live in Mexico, do I qualify for the SENTRISaver?
    Yes, as long as you meet the above mentioned requirements.
  • Who is covered under the policy if I have a SENTRISaver policy?
    Anyone - your husband or wife, children, relatives or friends who you give permission to drive would be covered as long as they have a valid driver's license on them. In case of a physical damage claim, the deductible will be 50% higher for those drivers not enrolled in the SENTRI program.
  • I am a SENTRI member, but I have a vehicle that is not enrolled in the SENTRI program, can I still buy the SENTRISaver policy for my vehicle?
    No, it doesn't qualify for the SENTRISaver policy, but we do offer a variety of policies to suit your needs. Get a quote.
  • What if I have a Global Entry card, instead of a SENTRI card?
    A Global Entry card qualifies as long as your vehicle is enrolled in the SENTRI program. Please enter your Global Entry ID number instead of your SENTRI ID number on our online application.
  • Who is HDI Seguros?
    HDI Seguros is a subsidiary of one of Europe's largest insurance companies, HDI-Gerling International Holding AG. In 2008, HDI-Gerling reported $2.9 billion dollars of premium business and has a presence in 14 countries. HDI Seguros offers quality insurance products backed by superior customer service. The company was recently recognized as offering the best overall service to its auto policyholders. Read the press release. Learn more about HDI Seguros.
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