Buggy, ATV and UTV Insurance

Buggy, ATV and UTV Insurance

Baja Bound offers coverage for the two types of scenarios you may encounter in Mexico with your buggy or ATV. In some cases, two policies may be necessary:

  • While being driven as a primary vehicle - Buggies/ATVs are eligible for liability only coverage if you will be driving them on conventional roads. This requires its own primary vehicle policy. Liability only is available on the website. Full coverage requires special approval.
  • While being towed or carried by a primary vehicle - Buggies/ATVs must be listed as towed items on your primary vehicle's policy either for full coverage (this includes physical damage and theft) or liability only (excludes physical damage and theft). This coverage ceases once the vehicle(s) are off the trailer or out of the truck bed.

Important: Coverage is only valid on conventional roads, not in off-road situations. Some dirt roads are considered to be conventional roads if they are normally transited. There is no coverage on roads that are impassable.

Features of policies for Buggies/ATVs as Primary Vehicles:
  • Liability only (full coverage may be possible by special approval)
  • Various limits of liability are available
  • Legal assistance
  • No medical payments covered for the driver or passengers
  • No roadside assistance
  • Coverage is only valid on conventional roads
Features of policies for Buggies/ATVs as Towed/Carried Vehicles:
  • Liability only or full coverage
  • Full coverage for buggies and ATVs worth $3,000+
  • Legal assistance
  • Roadside assistance and other assistance coverage may be available
  • Coverage for buggy/ATV ceases once off the trailer/out of the truck bed unless a separate primary vehicle policy is purchased.
FAQs about Mexican Insurance for Buggies and ATVs
If I will be towing my buggy/ATV and later riding it, how can I be sure to issue my policies correctly?

If you will be towing your vehicle first and then riding it on conventional roads, you will need two separate policies if it will be operated on conventional roads.

  • First, the vehicle must be listed as a towed item on the primary vehicle's policy, either for liability only or full coverage (if eligible). This will give you either full coverage or liability coverage only while the vehicle is being towed.
  • A separate Buggy/ATV policy is required for coverage while being driven. Liability only is available on the website, call our office for possible full coverage.

May I have full coverage (physical damage and theft) on my buggy/ATV when it is off the trailer?

Maybe. Sometimes it is possible to get special approval from our insurance companies for full coverage. Please contact us.

Is it possible to obtain medical payments for the driver and passengers of a buggy/ATV?

Sometimes it is possible to be covered for medical payments while driving a buggy (but not for an ATV). Our insurance companies may grant special coverage if the buggy is street legal, has a roof and windows and/or other safety features. Otherwise, we recommend checking your medical or health insurance from the U.S. or Canada to see if you will be covered. If not, you may be able to purchase temporary international medical coverage.