What to do if Your Vehicle is Stolen

What to Do if Your Vehicle Is Stolen

  • All claims must be reported before you leave the Republic of Mexico.
  • Any claim not reported may be subject to denial.
  • HDI Seguros direct within Mexico +52 (477) 740-2818 or U.S. toll free +1 (888) 212-7642
  • Chubb Seguros direct within Mexico +52 (818) 864-9322 or U.S. toll free +1 (877) 699-6679

HDI or Chubb may send an adjuster to the scene to take a report. In addition, they will help you report it to the Mexican authorities, which may include:

  • Ministerio Público (District Attorney's Office)
  • Policía Federal Preventiva (PFP - Federal Police)
  • Tránsito del Estado (State transit authorities)
  • Seguridad Pública (Municipal police)
  • Seguridad Vial (Transit safety)

The adjuster will help direct you to these authorities with the proper paperwork. The theft should be reported to the authorities in the country in which the vehicle is registered as well as the DMV as soon as possible.

Contacting the Insurance Company Once You Are Home

HDI or Chubb will inform you of the next steps to take and how to stay in contact during the claims process.

HDI Seguros works with International Claims Service in Texas to help facilitate the claim and provide information to you once you have returned home. Their toll-free number is +1 (800) 284-9783 or direct +1 (956) 682-1353.

Chubb Seguros can be contacted from the U.S. by dialing their toll free number: +1 (844) 804-9288

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us as well, toll free +1 (888) 552-2252 or use our contact form.

HDI Seguros
+52 (477) 740-2818 or +1 (888) 212-7642

Chubb Seguros
+52 (818) 864-9322 or +1 (877) 699-6679

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