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The HDI Seguros Premier policy offers more complete coverage for your insured vehicle than the HDI Seguros Standard policy by including partial theft, vandalism, a collision damage waiver, and more.

The HDI Premier Policy Features:
  • Partial theft of vehicle parts and vandalism coverage (full coverage policies only) in addition to physical damage and total theft.
  • Fixed deductible of U.S. $500 for physical damage and vandalism (full coverage policies only)
  • Fixed deductible of U.S. $1000 for total theft and partial theft (full coverage policies only)
  • Collision damage waiver in case of damages caused by an at fault uninsured motorist
  • Third party liability limits of U.S. $150,000 or $500,000 Combined Single Limit (CSL)
  • Medical payments for passengers (Excluded on ATV and motorcycle policies.)
  • Full U.S repair rates if the vehicle is repaired in a U.S. shop
  • Current Mexican repair rates if the vehicle is repaired in Mexico
  • Legal assistance and bail bond
  • Roadside assistance and towing
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