Auto Assistance Coverage
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HDI Auto Assistance Coverage

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Legal assistance and bail bond coverage includes:
  • Legal assistance and defense provided by lawyers in case of a road accident
  • Bail bonds will be posted up to the limit of liability stated on the policy
  • Legal assistance in case of assault
Medical assistance includes:

Available for passengers of the vehicle as long as the manufacturer's stated vehicle capacity is not exceeded.

  • Land medical transportation
  • Air medical transportation
  • International air medical transportation to the U.S. or Canada
  • Medical references and assistance available for doctors, hospitals, drugstores, clinics and labs.
  • Round trip transportation for relative in case of client illness if the client is traveling alone or with minors.
  • Payment for up to four companions to continue the trip or return home
  • Accommodations or transportation in case of doctor's orders. Arrangements for the client to return home by commercial flight if necessary.
  • Assistance in case of client death. The company will arrange and pay for a relative to travel to accompany the deceased home.
  • Arrangements for emergency dental and glasses/contact lenses replacement
Roadside assistance for vehicles up to 25 years old includes:
  • Towing to the nearest repair shop or up to US $500 limit to another location
  • Services provided in case of lockout, flat tire, lack of fuel or dead battery
  • Rental car in case of mechanical breakdown, theft or collision
  • Hotel accommodations in case of mechanical breakdown, theft, or collision
  • Authorized dealer references
Tourist Assistance:
  • Information regarding major highways, tolls, shortest routes and locations of gas stations and police stations
  • Useful trip planning information including visas, events, hotels, tips, important contacts and much more
  • Services in case of document loss, luggage loss, urgent communication services, and transfer of funds
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