Life With a DoberDiva

I. Am. Doberman.

by Katie O’Brian-Robles


Sofia or "La Diva" (the title she prefers) came to us quite unexpectedly. She was rescued from an unknown fate August 15, 2009. Her gentle yet somewhat condescending demeanor seemed to me, a little curious and put me to the task of discovering how and why she was this way.

Getting inside the head of your dog is something I highly recommend. What do they think? How do they really feel about things? You, their family, their circumstances. Is it a mystery? Not necessarily. Go ahead. Just ask them.

So ask Sofia, I did. We sat down one afternoon, just the two of us, and had a long discussion. Oh, things weren’t answered in just a day. Oh no. It took quite a while for her to divulge her secrets, her dreams, and history that made our girl who she is.

Over time we discovered things about each other that surprised and pleased us. (I was a little more forthcoming than she.) Sofia likes to think of herself as quite the Grande Dame and was reluctant to share much of her background.

"A woman of mystery never tells all." She stated, with just a hint of superiority.

Eventually the truth did out. Some of it scathing, some grand, all fantastic. Recounting much of her history, she would smile and whisper secrets that delighted and amused me and now I hope you, as well.

Read with us if you will, the amazing story of Sofia. Doberman. Showgirl. World traveler and historian. Take a walk with us and laugh at her escapades, weep with her heartaches and be charmed at the wonderful world of the DoberDiva.


About Katie

Katie O'Brian-Robles graduated from California State University Long Beach and moved to Baja to live full time with her husband Mike, after enjoying a career in the hospitality industry. Active with the Baja Scholarship Foundation Board of Directors where she serves as Secretary. Katie is also involved in animal rescue both in Mexico and the United States. Loves sailing, tennis and golf, and claims the weather and the people in Baja are the best on earth. A lot of her time is spent listening to her rescued Doberman Sofia, spin tales; fact and fiction of her life as a DoberDiva. Katie has just completed her debut novel and looks forward to writing a second edition.

Life With a DoberDiva is available on Amazon.

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