Baja Bound - To Cabo and Back
Baja Bound - To Cabo and Back

Baja Bound - To Cabo and Back, by Taggart George, is a great book that takes the reader on a 16 day adventure down the Baja peninsula and back. Taggart and his wife Kat, both consummate outdoor enthusiasts, gladly leave the comforts of home behind in their Toyota truck and two-person kayak to see what awaits them in Baja. Whether you are a seasoned Baja explorer or new to the landscape found south of the border, this is a fun read with entertaining and informative anecdotes about their destinations, experiences and discoveries.

The following is an excerpt from Day 8 at Playa Balandra near La Paz:

"The sand was hot under our bare feet as we dragged the kayak across the beach to the lagoon. The water was very shallow - only about twelve inches deep - for about two hundred feet off the beach. The drop-off where the sea floor fell away was clearly marked as the pale clear water deepened into a rich tropical blue.

The warm water sloshed around our ankles as we pushed thekayak into the shallow water. We tried to get into the kayak too soon and found ourselves resting on the bottom. Instead of getting out and walking like normal people would, we spent twice as much effort pushing our with our paddles and scooting across the shallows. Although not very efficient, it was fun and we eventually made it out into deeper water.

The sunlight danced across the top of the water, creating a mosaic of shimmering hues of blue. Once we reached deeper water we paddled out into the bay toward a coral head in the center of the lagoon. It was the most coral we had seen so far, and we hoped there would be lots of fish around it.

We were not disappointed. From our vantage point sitting atop the kayak, we could see fish darting underneath us as we neared the coral. We put on our snorkels and masks and over the side we went. We took turns being in charge of the kayak above us as we explored the reef beneath us. Once again, we saw several varieties of fish that were previously unknown to us, and found ourselves wishing again that we had a fish identification card. We took turns with the underwater camera and dove down deep to get close-ups of the new fish. It was fantastic snorkeling, and the bay was beautiful. Best of all, we had it all to ourselves."

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