Baja Gas Prices
Pemex Gas Pump
April 18, 2014

$4.19 - Average California gas price
$3.44 - Average Arizona gas price

Pemex prices in Tijuana:

$12.59 pesos a liter for Magna (green)
$13.23 pesos a liter for Premium (red)

Peso/Dollar: $12.60 pesos/$1 U.S. dollar
(Average price seen around Tijuana at gas stations and exchange houses - casas de cambio.)

U.S. Dollar Conversion
$3.78 a gallon Magna (green) - ($12.59 pesos x 3.785) / $12.60 pesos
$3.97 a gallon Premium (red) - ($13.23 pesos x 3.785) / $12.60 pesos

Canadian exchange rate is very similar to the U.S. dollar exchange rate, so prices will be very close to the above posted prices.

For an average SUV with a 22 gallon tank, we find...

  • U.S. price: $92.18 dollars (using the California average of $4.19)
  • Pemex price: $83.16 dollars filling up with Magna (green)

TOTAL SAVINGS: $9.02 U.S. dollars

Tips for Exchanging Dollars for Pesos
  • Shop around to find the best exchange rate.
  • The higher the exchange rate the want to have more pesos!
  • The posted rate to buy pesos will say "Compra."
  • Sometimes the Pemex station itself has a competitive exchange rate.
Gas Buying Tips
  • Be sure to watch as the gas attendant resets the pump to all zeros.
  • Calculate the price in dollars yourself just to double check that the attendant is correct.
  • One gallon = 3.785 liters.
  • Tip your attendant for filling your tank and washing your windows.
  • Keep a record of what you paid for future reference.
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