Using Mexico SIM Cards

There are a lot of good reasons to use a pre-paid Mexico SIM Card if you already own a SIM unlocked international cell phone, or are planning to purchase one for your trip to Baja. Not only will you pay the local rate for local calls (no roaming!) and use your cell phone in Mexico just like you would at home, but since this is a pre-paid service you will never overspend your budget or find yourself locked into a contract. You will also receive free incoming calls in several Mexican cities including Tijuana.

When you purchase a Mexico SIM card, you will learn your new local cell phone number by looking at the SIM package. Your Mexican telephone number may also be found written on the actual paper that contains your SIM card.

You will have to remove your normal US cell phone SIM card before inserting the Mexico SIM card. Then simply turn on your phone and enter the 4 digit pin code, which you will find located on the envelope attached to your Mexico SIM card. Be careful to enter the 4 digits carefully so that you make no mistakes, since it can be hard to unblock a phone if the pin code for your SIM card is wrong.

Then, simply select the language that you want to use and start calling. To dial internationally from Mexico, dial 00 followed by the country code and the 10 digit phone number.

Here are a few companies that sell Mexico SIM cards:
Cellular Abroad

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