Driver's License Policies for Mexico

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A driver's license policy is the ideal policy for you if you wish to simply have liability coverage to drive different eligible vehicles. Driver's license policies only cover the driver(s) listed on the policy and do not cover damage to your vehicle and do not cover theft. Baja Bound offers 2 driver's license policies and each have different features. General features of these policies are:

  • Annual policy only
  • U.S. or Canadian driver's licenses are eligible
  • Liability-only coverage - No collision or theft available
  • Various limits of liability available
  • Medical payments for occupants of the insured vehicle available
  • Legal aid and bail bond
  • Roadside assistance available
  • Policy will NOT cover while driving: motorhomes, ATVs, buses, rental cars, Mexican plated vehicles or commercial vehicles

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Drivers covered 1 - 3 1 - 3
Coverage driving autos/pickups/SUVs/vans Yes
Coverage while driving motorcycles No
Coverage while driving motorhomes No
Liability coverage Yes
Medical payments for passengers Yes
Legal Assistance Yes Yes
Roadside Assistance Yes Yes

When is a driver’s license policy a good option to choose?

Generally, driver’s license policies are convenient if you are not concerned about having a full coverage policy (full coverage policies include physical damage and theft coverage) and you would like the freedom to drive different eligible vehicles. Many policyholders who choose this policy drive older vehicles or vehicles that are paid off.

What if other drivers drive my vehicle?

This policy only covers the driver(s) specifically listed on the policy, so if you let other family members or friends drive, they will not be covered unless they are listed. Please call us if you would like to add a driver to a current policy. Sometimes it may be more convenient and cost effective to simply buy a policy that covers the vehicle instead (since other eligible drivers will be covered without being listed).

What is an eligible vehicle?

Driver's license policies only cover while driving specific types of vehicles, not all vehicles may be driven under this policy. HDI Seguros and Chubb Seguros offer coverage while driving autos, pickups, SUVs, and vans. None of the driver's license policies will cover while driving motorhomes, ATVs, Mexican plated vehicles, rental cars, commercial vehicles, or buses.

How much do driver’s license policies run? 

Policies start at $127.00 for one to three people.

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