Mexican Bus Insurance Policies

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We offer two types of bus policies, one with HDI Seguros and one with ACE Seguros. Both policies are for non-commercial use. They are available for non-profit organizations, mission trips, schools, personal use, etc. HDI Seguros offers a liability only policy for different types of buses and ACE Seguros offers full coverage, but only for small buses and shuttle buses.

HDI Seguros’ Liability-Only Policy Features:
  • Liability limit of U.S. $100,000 with a $250 deductible
  • Medical payments only for the bus driver, not for passengers
  • Legal aid and bail bond
  • No roadside assistance
  • No physical damage or theft coverage
  • Minimum premium $115
  • Minimum policy duration – 4 days
  • Bus must be under 20 years old for coverage
ACE Seguros
ACE Seguros’ Shuttle Bus Policy Features:
  • Coverage available for buses worth up to U.S. $50,000
  • Bus must be under 25 feet
  • Various liability limits available
  • Medical payments for passengers and drivers
  • Legal aid and bail bond
  • No roadside assistance
  • Bus must be less than 20 years old for full coverage
  • U.S. toll free number to follow up on claims
  • Claims may be settled in U.S. dollars

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