Mexican Insurance Policies for Buggies and ATVs

The following information is to help you insure your buggy/ATV as a primary vehicle. (It may also be necessary to insure it as a towed vehicle. If your buggy/ATV will be towed, please read our article: Mexican Insurance Policies for Buggies and ATVs - As Towed Vehicles.) Baja Bound offers coverage for the two types of policies you may need for your buggy or ATV. Sometimes two policies may be necessary:

  • While being driven as a primary vehicle - Buggies/ATVs are eligible for liability only coverage if you will be driving them on conventional roads. This requires its own primary vehicle policy. If the buggy/ATV has a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), it may qualify for full coverage. Please contact us.
  • While being towed or carried by a primary vehicle - Buggies/ATVs must be listed as towed items on your primary vehicle's policy if it does not have its own separate primary vehicle policy. Towed buggies/ATVs may be insured for full coverage which includes physical damage and theft or liability only coverage which does not offer physical damage or theft. This coverage ceases once the vehicle(s) are off the trailer or out of the truck bed which is why a separate primary vehicle policy may be necessary. Read more about towed buggies/ATVs...

Important: Coverage is only valid on conventional roads, some dirt roads are considered conventional roads if they are normally transited and have signage. There is no coverage on roads that are impassable, while off road, beach riding, trail riding or racing.

Features of policies for Buggies/ATVs as Primary Vehicles:

  • Liability only policies available online
  • Full coverage policies by special approval only - please contact us
  • Various limits of liability are available
  • No medical payments covered for the driver or passengers
  • Legal assistance available with HDI Seguros
  • No roadside assistance
  • Coverage is only valid on conventional roads

FAQs about Mexican Insurance for Buggies and ATVs

  • My buggy/ATV is already insured on my primary vehicle's policy, why would I need a separate policy to have coverage while driving it?
    Mexican insurance requires a separate policy to cover a vehicle while being driven. The policy that lists the buggy/ATV as a towed vehicle, will only cover it while it is secured on the trailer or in the truck bed.
  • My buggy/ATV is not street legal. May I purchase a separate primary vehicle policy anyway?
    Yes. The only coverage available online for a buggy/ATV that is not street legal is liability only, which means no physical damage or theft coverage is offered. If your buggy/ATV has a VIN, contact us for possible full coverage.
  • May I buy a full coverage policy (includes physical damage and theft coverage) on my buggy/ATV while being driven as a primary vehicle?
    Maybe. Sometimes it is possible to get special approval from our insurance companies for full coverage. Please contact us.
  • Is it possible to obtain medical payments for the driver and passengers of a buggy/ATV?
    Sometimes it is possible to be covered for medical payments while driving a buggy (but not an ATV). Our insurance companies may grant special approval if the buggy is street legal, has a roof and windows and/or other safety features. Please contact us with your buggy's information. Otherwise, we recommend checking your medical or health insurance from the U.S. or Canada to see if you will be covered. If not, you may be able to purchase temporary international medical coverage.
  • Is it possible to obtain legal assistance?
    Legal assistance and bail bond coverage is available with HDI Seguros.
  • Why is coverage only available for conventional roads, not off-road?
    Our insurance companies do not offer coverage off-road. None of our policies will cover off-road for any type of vehicle.
  • What is considered a conventional road?
    Roads that are normally transited, have signage, and are on a map are generally considered conventional roads. Dirt roads may be conventional as well if they have these characteristics. There is no coverage on roads that are impassable.
  • I have a high valued buggy. Am I able to insure it for its full value?
    Maybe. Please contact us with the buggy's information. Photos may be requested by our insurance companies. In case of a claim, the insurance companies may request invoices/receipts from a professional body shop to help value the vehicle. An appraisal is ideal.
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