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Baja Bound offers both liability-only and full coverage through HDI Seguros, ACE Seguros,
and Mapfre Seguros on autos, trucks, SUV's and vans. Coverage is valid for vehicles registered
in the U.S., Canada, and other countries (excluding Mexican plated vehicles).

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Policy Features: 

  • Liability-only or full coverage policies
  • Physical damage and total theft coverage on full coverage policies
  • Deductibles that meet GMAC and finance company requirements
  • Partial theft/vandalism coverage available on HDI Premier & ACE Platinum policies
  • Various limits of third party liability are available
  • Various limits of medical payments for occupants of your vehicle
  • Legal aid and bail bond
  • Roadside assistance on most policies
  • Medical assistance
  • Travel assistance
  • Trip continuation

For a vehicle to be eligible for full coverage, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Maximum age of 15 years old (contact us for possible approval on older models)
  • Minimum vehicle value of US $3000

Advantages of HDI Seguros, ACE Seguros and Mapfre Seguros policies over other companies

HDI Seguros, ACE Seguros and Mapfre Seguros offer features that are important should you have to file a claim. Not all Mexican insurance companies offer these features.
  • High financial ratings on A.M. Best or Standard and Poors
  • Bilingual claims service is available 24 hours a day
  • Repairs may be made in the U.S. or Canada, especially when the vehicle is drivable
  • U.S. repairs are paid based on U.S. repair rates (not the cheaper Mexican repair rates some other companies use)
  • Claims may be settled in U.S. dollars
  • Total loss payout based on higher Private Party to Retail values, not lower Wholesale (Trade-in) value
  • U.S. toll free numbers are available to follow up on claims

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"I have used you several times and the service is always great." - K.G., Arroyo Grande, CA.

"Nice job I’ve been buying insurance for trips to Mexico for years. This is the best way to go." - J.L., Long Beach, CA.

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