Mexico's Federal Liability Law

Mexico's Federal Liability Law

It is recommended to carry maximum liability limits.
About the Federal Law:
  • In case of fatalities to third parties, compensation shall be the amount equal to 5,000 x the Mexican state minimum wage, plus funeral expenses. Each state may multiply this amount up to 5 times.
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  • Some states do not have specific limits, judges determine the limit to be paid.
  • Many Mexican states are also potentially able to enforce a civil penalty, sometimes equal to or higher than the criminal penalty.

What This Means as a Policyholder

In case a policyholder is found to be liable for the death of another person or persons, significantly higher criminal and/or civil liability limits may be enforced than in the past. Auto related deaths in Mexico are more likely criminal, instead of civil cases, however a judge will determine if the criminal route, civil route or both routes will be taken.

Higher liability limits are strongly recommended due to higher exposures in case of death caused by a policyholder. However you may still purchase lower limits if you wish.

In response to the Federal Law changes, some Mexican states may be changing their state laws. Therefore the current stated maximum limits for some Mexican states may change in the future.