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ACE Seguros is now Chubb Seguros. If you are an ACE Seguros client or policyholder, read more about the merger on our FAQs page.

All Chubb Seguros policies, Platinum and Standard, include Platinum Assist, a comprehensive legal, medical and roadside assistance service. Platinum Assist is available 24 hours a day and staffed with bilingual representatives. Coverage details and exclusions may be reviewed in the Platinum assist description box to the right. The service includes:

Legal Assistance and Bail Bond:

  • Automobile accident assistance and legal defense
  • Legal assistance in case of suffering any type of crime
  • Legal assistance in case of property damage or bodily injury to third parties
  • Legal assistance in case of fatality to insured or passengers
  • Legal assistance in case of other types of accidents
  • In the event of a car accident, bail bond(s) will be posted up to US $30,000 or its equivalent in pesos. If necessary, the bail bond limit may be increased to match the limit of liability stated on the policy.

Medical Assistance

  • Medical assistance is available for up to 5 vehicle occupants
  • Land ambulance transportation within Mexico
  • Air ambulance transportation within Mexico in case of emergency
  • Medical references available 24 hours a day for local doctors and medical services
  • Transportation or repatriation in case of fatality or extended illness to insured or passengers
  • Trip continuation service by airplane or bus in case of an extended illness
  • Round trip airplane ticket and hotel for a relative or friend to visit insured in case of serious injury, illness, or fatality

Roadside Assistance:

  • Basic roadside assistance provided in case of lockout, flat tire, lack of fuel or jumpstart
  • Towing to nearest repair shop or up to US $1000 limit to another location in case of accident or breakdown
  • Rental car in case of mechanical failure, accident or theft of the insured vehicle

Additional Features:

  • Airplane or bus tickets home or to continue to their destination in case of theft, total loss or extended repair of the vehicle
  • Tourist information such as weather, sporting events, museum schedules and travel reservations
  • Urgent message services
  • Cash advance
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