StoryTelling Through Art

StoryTelling Through Art

Venue: Terra Peninsular Community Center & Gallery
Address: López Mateos (Calle Primera) #1090-5 and 1090-6, Ensenada
Date: Saturday, May 18, 2013 from 2pm - 6pm
Space is limited. Please contact Terra Peninsular for details.

StoryTelling Through Art is a collaboration of many dedicated people who are inspired by the beauty and spirit of Baja California. Martina, artist, writer, storyteller, creates her shamanic art with materials from the land, sea, bird and animal life of Baja. Her work is a rare collection of multimedia expression. She has shown her work throughout northern Baja for ten years. Participants will actually take a journey with her into the world of imagination and the mystery of how art can inform and weave its own story.

The Baja Jims are lifelong friends who created the Baja Calendar 2013, Journey Down Baja. Jim Cline is an award winning professional travel photographer based in San Diego. He strives to transcend ordinary travel pictures, and to convey a strong sense of place, and the spirit of the people in his photographs. Jim’s work has been displayed in galleries and the San Diego Natural History Museum and Museum of Photographic Arts. This is Jim’s first showing in Baja California. Jim Hendricks is an internet solopreneur and amateur photographer who was bitten by the Baja bug in the 90s. Together, the Baja Jims are continuing the legacy of the Baja Calendar.

Hosted by Terra Peninsular, a Mexican nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of natural resources in Baja, StoryTelling Through Art serves to bridge the two communities with a special welcome to the Americans living in Baja. Terra Peninsular has become one of the most effective conservation organizations in this region and is a critical partner in what is a globally significant effort to preserve the common ecosystem of the Californias. The lovely gallery is part of this effort where everyone comes together in a sense of community.

Baja Bound Insurance is sponsoring this cross cultural effort by effectively presenting the opportunity to expand awareness into the United States and Canada by showing that Baja California is part of the global family and their vision for the future is supported in many unique and creative ways.

Event registration begins at 2pm. Opening ceremony at 2:30 - Kumiai elder gives a traditional Sage Blessing. Local artisan wine tasting by Sol Y Barro, Vena Cava, and Enologist Jo Ann Knox Martino; gourmet cider tasting by Julian Hard Cider and cheese will be enjoyed while visiting with the artists and viewing their work. A percentage of all art purchases will go towards Terra Peninsular’s continued efforts.

For further information, contact Terra Peninsular, Monday thru Saturday 11:00 to 5:00 or email Celia(at)terrapeninsular.org, phone 646-177-6800, limited seating, please RSVP.

Shapeshifter header image by Scott Kennedy