Baja Racing Videos

Every year Baja Bound heads south to check out the great off road racing action that Baja has become famous for. Many of the race teams are clients of ours, and we also sponsor race cars from time to time. Below are a collection of videos that we have shot and edited together so we could share the thrill of Baja desert racing with you. Enjoy!

This is a video from the 2010 Baja 1000 at race mile 55 southeast of Ojos Negros. The terrain here was rough with a lot of elevation changes and really narrow sections. This made for some pretty exciting race spectating as the faster cars were chomping at the bit to pass slower cars, but had few opportunities to do so. The first bike you see is the 1X ridden by Kendall Norman of team JCR/Honda who ended up taking first place in the pro moto class with teammate (and Baja Bound client) Quinn Cody. 45 seconds into the video is the Vildosola Racing trophy truck, which took first place in class as well.

In July of 2010, Baja Bound headed south for the second annual Baja Beach Bash put on by Baja Bound Moto, Desert Assassins and Johnny Campbell Racing. It was three days of really great Baja riding with some of the biggest names in desert racing, including Johnny Campbell, Cameron Steele, Kendall Norman, Colton Udall, Tim Morton, Mark Bradford and more. With 80 riders and a support crew of 20, we made our way down the coast from Ensenada to San Quintin and back, and made a stop along the way raise donations and visit the children at an orphanage in San Vicente.

This video is from the 2010 San Felipe 250, which is always a really fun weekend since the race starts and ends right in San Felipe. This particular video was shot at Mag 7 pit 2 at race mile 100. The pit was close to a silted out wash that really made things interesting. The racers that were able to pre-run the course knew to go around it, but the ones that did not...well...see for yourself.

This video is from the 2009 Baja 1000 at Borrego Junction. It was a loop race in 2009, so every racer came through Borrego Junction twice, provided they made it that far. Many did not. Tons of people were spectating at Borrego Junction since you could see twice as much action. The racers did not dissapoint! The video was shot at race mile 220 which was the Mag 7 pit #4.

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