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Cross the Border Faster!

Fast Pass? Ready Lane? FastLane? Which lane is which and how can they be used? In this article we demystify these expedited lanes. The Fass Pass Lane is still a success, several new Ready Lanes have been added in the recent past, and the SENTRI lane continues to have reasonable wait times. Each lane has very different requirements that are outlined below. To happier border crossing!

Fast Pass
Fast Pass (aka FastLane) - San Ysidro, CA Only
Dedicated Lane That Uses A Single Use Pass Offered By Certain Businesses
How to get one: Patronize a hotel or medical office that offers the pass.
Cost: Free or varies depending upon how the business offers it.
The Fast Pass Lane is a special lane for tourists and medical tourism only. This lane allows you to enter the border line at a designated entrance with your Fast Pass, cutting off a significant portion of the border line. A Mexican police officer will take your Fast Pass and allow you to proceed. Learn more about this pass and where to get one. Be sure to double check that a business offers it beforehand.
How to find it: Map and Driving Directions

Ready Lane
Ready Lane - California, Arizona, Texas Borders
Dedicated Lane That Accepts RFID Cards (Radio Frequency ID) Only
How to use it: Most people use a passport card.
Cost for passport card: $55 for first timers; $30 for previous passport holders. Valid for 10 years.
The Ready Lanes have designated entrances. These lanes, run by Customs and Border Protection, accept only RFID cards for example, the Passport Card, SENTRI card, enhanced driver's licenses, etc. Electronic passports with the chip do not work in this lane. Learn more about where these lanes are located and how to get a passport card.
How to find the San Ysidro Ready Lanes: Video Directions & Photo Directions

SENTRI Lane - California, Arizona, Texas Borders
Dedicated Lane That Only Accepts the SENTRI Card
How to use it: Apply for a SENTRI Card
Cost: $122.25 per person for 5 years. Families cost a bit less.
The SENTRI lanes, run by Customs and Border Protection, have designated entrances and require applicants to be pre-screened. A formal application process is required and not all applicants are accepted. This pass, while being the most work to obtain, generally has the shortest border crossing line. More info...
How to find the San Ysidro SENTRI lanes: Video Directions & Photo Directions