Medical Fast Pass - San Ysidro

How to Get a Border Fast Pass

Updated February 17, 2023

The Fast Pass program is open again! The lane's hours: Monday - Sunday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Save time crossing back into the U.S. from Tijuana! The Fast Pass is a one time pass available at certain hotels, medical offices and businesses which allows you access to an expedited lane to cross back into the U.S. faster. It is also known as the Medical Lane.

A frequent question we receive from readers is if the Fast Pass still exists (and how to get one). Yes it does and most of the time it works great! If you haven't heard of the Fast Pass, below we offer what we know about it and list establishments we are aware of who offer it. If you know of any establishment that we do not have listed, please let us know. Because of helpful readers, we have been able to keep this list as updated as possible.

Fast Pass Tips:
  • Be sure to double check that the hotel or establishment listed below offers the Fast Pass.
  • If an establishment offers the pass, it may be subject to availability.
  • Need help finding the entrance to the Fast Pass Lane? See our video directions to find the Medical Fast Pass Lane
  • Sometimes there are cones that block the Fast Pass entrance as you approach the booth. If you pull off near the cones the officers will come out of the booth to take your ticket and graciously let you through.
Establishments offering the Fast Pass
Check with the establishment for specific requirements and to be sure they still offer the Fast Pass. The requirements to get one vary greatly. Some will offer it with a package and others for visiting their spa, restaurants, etc. with a minimum purchase.

Establishments in Rosarito:
Establishments in Ensenada:
Establishments in Tijuana:

FAQs About the Fast Pass

Help us promote the Fast Pass!

Know of a hotel or medical office that offers the Fast Pass? Let us know! Unfortunately, now that the pass is under the control of the Ayuntamiento de Tijuana, there is not an official list of establishments. Therefore we try our best to find out where they are being offered. Please email us - service(at)bajabound.com - if you have any information. It would be greatly appreciated!

Are you looking to offer the Fast Pass to your guests? If you are a business located in Tijuana, Rosarito, or Ensenada, the Ayuntamiento de Tijuana may be able to offer the Fast Pass to your hotel or medical office. Contact their offices at (664) 973-7036 Monday through Friday 9am to 2pm. Let us know your business offers the Fast Pass and we will add you to our list.

Have you used the lane already? Please let us know your experience by emailing us at service(at)bajabound.com. Let us know how the Fast Pass worked for you!

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