Client Spotlight: Colton Udall

Client Spotlight: Colton Udall

Colton Udall is a marked man. After just a handful of seasons racing motorcycles in the SCORE International series in Baja, he emerged as the Class 22 champion in 2011 and the guy everyone wants to beat in 2012. We caught up with Colton after his recent second place finish at the San Felipe 250 to talk about defending the 1X plate and riding motorcycles in Baja.

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BB: When did you first start racing the SCORE series in Baja?

CU: My first SCORE race was in 2007, I raced the Baja 1000 in November. I raced class 22 on a team with Cameron Steele, the Eddy brothers, Larry Badgewell, and Shaun Dulmage. We had bike issues and ended up finishing 5th.

BB: The recent San Felipe 250 was your first race as the rider of record on the 1X bike. Has defending the 1X plate changed your approach in preparing for the 2012 SCORE season?

CU: For the 2012 SCORE season a lot of things have changed. I have now moved into a position at JCR Honda where I am a racer only and no longer build race bikes. This helps with training, preparation, and more bike time. I also carried my fellow teammates who helped earn the 1x plate with me on to the 2012 team, Timmy Weigand and David Kamo.

BB: There have been a lot of rider changes within the teams competing in SCORE Class 22 this year. What is going to make the difference for the JCR team in 2012?

CU: I will be racing with Timmy Weigand and David Kamo...these guys are not only my teammates but also my really good friends. We enjoy training, racing, and hanging out together. I believe our team unity and our love for Baja with the extra time spent pre-running will give us the edge to pull another championship off! Plus, we have the OX looking over us.

BB: How has working with Johnny Campbell changed you as a racer?

CU: Having Johnny Campbell as a team manager, owner, and friend has changed my racing career dramatically. His knowledge and experience is so vast, he has done everything. He is very helpful in all aspects of life and racing.

BB: Aside from racing in Baja, you also get to spend some time riding for fun down there. What do you like best about riding in Baja?

CU: There are so many things to love about riding in Baja. The freedom, you can ride your dirt bike anywhere you want, wheelies on the beach and even through town. I really love riding single track on the group rides that Cameron Steele and Tim Morton from Baja Bound Moto put on!

BB: Do you have any favorite places to eat down there?

CU: My favorite places to eat in Ensenada are Broncos, Baja Fruit, and Carbone's. Those are the favorites for the whole JCR team!

BB: What do you like to do when you are not riding?

CU: I stay pretty busy at home in San Clemente when I am not riding. I love to surf, it is a close second to racing off road. I also enjoy training in the gym, riding road and mountain bicycles. I still enjoy working on dirt bikes occasionally.

BB: Thanks Colton!

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