Homeowners Policy Coverages

Homeowners Policy Coverages

Do you own a home in Mexico? We've got you covered!

Baja Bound offers great rates on Mexican homeowners policies from HDI Seguros. Choose a basic homeowners policy or go with the whole enchilada.

We've got something for every home - whether it's a house, condo or townhome - and whether you live in your home or rent it to others on a short term basis. Our policies are All Risk (Open Peril), offering broad coverage. HDI Seguros, one of the leading insurance companies in Mexico, is rated mxAAA by Standard and Poors. Their innovative, easy to understand homeowners policy was created with their clients in mind.

HDI’s Mexican homeowners policy has four easy to understand policy sections:

  • My Casa: Coverage for your home’s structure
  • My Things: Coverage for your personal belongings
  • My Well-being: Coverage such as Family Liability for your peace of mind.
  • Catastrophic Coverages: Optional coverage for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and hydro-meteorological events such as hurricanes, floods, storm winds and tidal waves.

My Casa

Your Home’s Structure
Replacement value to rebuild your home's structure in Mexico in case of fire, explosion, water damage, vandalism, falling trees, and more. No deductible.

Debris Removal
Covers the demolition and removal of debris from your home as well as clean up costs. No deductible.

Loss of Use
Also known as Extraordinary Expenses. If your home in Mexico is not liveable, this pays for a hotel or rental, moving costs and storage for your belongings for up to three months. No deductible. (Note that for rental properties, this coverage is called 'Loss of Rents' and it is not available on our policies at this time.)

Accidental Glass Breakage
Covers glass windows, doors, mirrors and glass or acrylic domes in case of accidental breakage and vandalism. Includes glass installation. Deductible: $500 Pesos (~US $25).

My Things

Belongings Inside the Home
Replacement value for personal belongings such as clothing and furniture in case of fire, explosion, vandalism, and more. Includes jewelry, art and other valuables up to a limit. (See quote page for the limit.) No deductible.

Theft Inside the Home
Replacement value for theft with signs of force of personal belongings inside your home or private backyard. Includes jewelry, valuables, electronics up to a limit. (See quote page for limits.) No deductible.

Appliances and Electronics (Optional)
Coverage for home appliances and electric equipment damaged due to short circuits, defects or misuse. No deductible.

Refrigerator Contents
Covers perishable contents inside the refrigerator due to a covered loss. No deductible.

Coverage on the Go (Optional)
Adds coverage for theft of belongings while you're on the go. Includes travel assistance, 10% additional payment in case of theft inside your home. No deductible.

My Well-being

Family Liability
Covers damages and injuries to others that occured on your property in Mexico. Includes legal expenses of up to 50% of the liability limit. No deductible.

Domestic Liability
Covers both injuries to domestic workers inside your home in Mexico as well as damages caused by domestic workers. No deductible.

Personal Accidents Inside the Home
Reimbursement of medical payments or in case of accidental death. Deductible: $1000 Pesos (~US $50)

Home Assistance
Covers emergencies such as plumbing, electric, locksmith and broken glass. Two events per year with a limit. (See quote page for limit.) Includes legal assistance.

I Feel Good (Optional)
Covers accidents outside the home and funeral expenses for the policyholder, spouse and children. Deductible: $1000 Pesos (~US $50). Includes medical assistance, and dental services.

Catastrophic Coverages

Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption (Optional)
Covers damages to your home and belongings in Mexico caused by an earthquake and/or volcanic eruption. Deductibles and coinsurance apply to the structure, belongings, Debris Removal and Loss of Use.

Hydro-meteorological Events (Optional)
Covers damages to your home and belongings in case of a hurricane, windstorm, flood, tidal wave, and more. Deductibles and coinsurance apply to the structure, belongings, Debris Removal and Loss of Use.

What Isn't Covered?

The land the home is built on is not covered.

Wear and tear
Normal use and lack of maintenance are not covered.

Gradual damages
Such as pests, leaks, mold, rust, corrosion, erosion, etc.

Motorized vehicles
Motorized vehicles require their own Mexican auto policy.

Theft without force
Signs of force must be present for theft coverage to apply.

View HDI Seguros' En Mi Casa Terms and Conditions

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