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Historic Las Casitas B&B

Old Mexico Charm

Las Casitas Mulege

Las Casitas is a fifty year old hotel with the charm of old Mexico. Just walking into the inner courtyard soothes the road weary traveler. The lush greenery, gentle sounds of water and the chatter of happy birds combine with the unique concepts and colors of the patio's décor, creating a stunning first impression. Unlike larger hotel chains, Las Casitas is as unique as its owner, Javier Aguiarz, born in Mulegé he will personally greet you and extend the traditional warm welcome of Mexico: Mi casa es su casa.

Melodic music floats out into the garden as hotel guest come for an early breakfast or a candlelight dinner. The eight rooms are just off the patio, in a secluded alcove. The ambiance is right out of a travel poster. There is a choice of patio dining or going into the spacious dining room with old collectables and Mexican art, as well a wall of historic pictures of the church and the original families dating back to the 1800s. Keeping up with the times there is internet access, karaoke, live music on weekends and sports TV, so the favorites won't be missed. The idea of turning Las Casitas into a Bed and Breakfast that includes "Guest Meals" is a new feature.

From Las Casitas you can walk through the entire pueblo. An easy hike up the hill to the Mulegé Museum is well worth the effort. Recently restored, it houses unique artifacts from the days when it was the prison. Gift shops, grocery and a mini "Walmart" furnishes everything you need. Banamex with ATM is located mid town. It is usually wise to exchange US dollars for pesos when traveling in southern Baja, as many place are not set up to make change in dollars. A walk to the Mulegé River is just a few minutes away where bird life flourishes. From this point it is only another fifteen minutes to the Misión Church. Ask Javier about tours that will pick you up right from the hotel. For a few pesos you can take a taxi to the shores of the Gulf of California.

Javier welcomes pets and to show his delightful nature and insight he tells this joke: At the border between US and Mexico two dogs met, one coming into Mexico from the United States and one leaving Mexico for the US. They did their doggie greeting and then the pooch from the US asked the Mexican dog why he was going to the US. The Mexican doggy said, "Well, there are no left-overs here and I'm hungry.” He asked his gringo friend, "Why are you leaving the land of plenty and coming to Mexico?" The gringo pooch growled, "We can't bark!"

Directions: Enter Historic Mulegé through the main arches. Bare right past the police station and the Fire House, make a right around the little square.

  • 8 Rooms
  • Room with 1 double to 3 double beds
  • TV and small refrigerator
  • Free Internet Access
  • Air Conditioning
  • Restaurant, Bar, Patio dining
  • Luscious buffet on weekends
  • Baja's Artisanal wines
  • Live Music
  • Big screen Sports TV
  • In the center of Mulegé
  • Park your car and walk everywhere
  • Walking distance to Mulegé Museum
  • Close to old Mision Church
  • Tours to the 7000 year old cave painting
  • Diving and Sport fishing
  • Pet Friendly
Calle Francisco Madero 50
Mulegé, Baja Sur, Mexico
Phone from U.S. 011-52 (615) 153-0019
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