Border Driving Directions

Directions to the San Ysidro Regular Line

These directions are by way of Avenida Internacional, the most direct and usually the fastest route to get into the border line. If the border line is very long (which it can be on Sundays or holidays), this may not be the most direct route. Sometimes authorities block off the exits closer to the border line which means part the directions below may not be an option. In case of a long line, consider the Calle Segunda alternate route.

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Photo Directions
Via Internacional
1. After going through the toll booth from the Scenic Toll Road
(Mexico Highway 1) at Playas de Tijuana, follow the SAN DIEGO/INTERSTATE 5 signs.
Border Fast Pass
2. After coming down the hill into the valley, exit RIGHT following the
Border Fast Pass
3. The exit is a loop to Avenida Internactional.
Border Fast Pass
4. Continue up the hill.
Border Fast Pass
5. Now Avenida Internacional is paralleling the U.S./Mexico border.
Border Fast Pass
6. Continue for a few miles.
Border Fast Pass
7. Watch for the SAN DIEGO/INTERSTATE 5 signs and continue to follow them.
(This photo also shows an exit sign for Avenida Revolución. The Avenida
Revolución exit is an alternate way to find the borderline on Calle
Segunda. View Photos.)
Border Fast Pass
8. Once you cross under this bridge, prepare to exit to the RIGHT.
Border Fast Pass
9. Exit RIGHT before the PEMEX gas station onto AV. MELCHOR OCAMPO.
Border Fast Pass
10. At the light is Calle Segunda. Smart & Final will be on your left,
Mexitlán is across the street. Take a LEFT here onto CALLE SEGUNDA.
Border Fast Pass
11. Continue straight to find the border lines. Keep left to get into the
regular border lines and just to the right of the concrete divider to
follow the COL. FEDERAL signs to the Fast Pass Lane or SENTRI lines.
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