Off the Beaten Path

Georgia Tanner's enchantment with the wild spaces of Baja California grew from surf safaris during the '60s and '70s. In 1979, tired of fighting environmental battles in her native state, she sold her off-grid home near Point Conception, California, and moved to Baja full time. Her passion for creating lifestyles in harmony with nature led her to live off the grid again, on the Northern Gulf of California, using the sun for cooking and for distilling water from the sea.

Rosarito Beach Hotel - A Place to Remember
A traveler heading off the beaten path farther down the peninsula or a visitor planning a few days in Playas de Rosarito can find no better place to absorb the color and culture of Baja California than the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Yes I admit to being partial--not only because... Read more...
Great Blue Herons and Other Denizens of Baja’s Gulf Coast
In the spring of 2012, while camped near a grove of tall trees, I was able to watch the entire nesting cycle of four heron families south of San Felipe. The cycle began with egg-laying in March and ended with fledglings flying from the nests in June. My favorite image is of almost-mature fledglings waiting... Read more...
Enjoying Desert Summer in Baja California (Lessons in Coping with Heat)
The Gulf of California is an inland sea that heats up as the summer progresses. The northern Gulf is shallow; by July water temperatures are in the 80s and by August they can reach 90. The Gulf lacks the west coast’s natural air conditioning: fog or clouds drawn inland by the cool Pacific Ocean. Read more...
Baja's Dark Skies
Studies in this century estimate that two-thirds of Americans can no longer see the Milky Way from where they live, and two-thirds of the world's people live under light-polluted skies. Look at a satellite map of the Earth at night and you will see the U.S.A. alight almost everywhere; only parts of the interior are dark. Read more...
Off-Grid Baja Style
In the early 1990s I looked around my condo south of Rosarito Beach and realized I had everything I needed, and more. The "everything I needed" included city water, electricity from the local grid, a beautiful kitchen, a comfortable bed. The "and more" included mountain or sea views from every room, satellite TV... Read more...
Dolphin Magic
One spring day while living on the northern Gulf of California south of San Felipe, I gave a kayak and water safety lesson to a friend. The sea was smooth and warm. I swam alongside my student’s boat and demonstrated the dolphin float, a technique for relaxing in the water. Read more...
Elements of Bliss
After a lobster burrito lunch and a visit with Señora Espinosa at her cafe in El Rosario, we’re ready to drive La Turquesa Grade, a steep, rocky switchback in 1971. Before dark our caravan of three trucks will stop for the night in the high desert. We have water and food for two weeks, gear for surfing and fishing... Read more...
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