Baja Travel Adventures
By David Kier

The Tropical Beach At San Pedrito

Article and photos by David Kier

San Pedrito Point

This summer, I was fortunate to experience and see several interesting and beautiful places between La Paz and Cabo San Lucas. Beaches, Lagoons, Bat Caves, Silver Mines and more.

On the west cape coast, about 4 miles south of Todos Santos is a pretty beach at the end of a path through a palm grove and next to a fresh water lagoon. This is strictly a day use beach and no overnight camping. The location and landscape make the place extremely inviting and if you are seeking a special get-away from the normal tourist places, San Pedrito is just the ticket.

Take Mexico Highway #19 south from Todos Santos to the Km. 57 marker where a dirt road angles off to the right. It is about a mile to the parking area where the foot trail begins at the edge of the palm grove. The walk is an easy ¼ mile to the big sand beach at a freshwater lagoon.

Some 80 years ago, one of Mexico's generals had developed the area for his guests. An airport runway was made and a large villa built. Facilities at the beach included a café and restrooms, the foundation is still visible to this day, at the base of the cliff.

Upon returning from the beach, we took a walk over to the general's villa for photographs. The path to it goes north from the parking area. A caretaker may be present, so ask for permission to see the empty villa. The airstrip was just past the large home and has not been used for 20 years or more.

This beach at San Pedrito, at the end of the tropical path, can easily put you into the Robinson Crusoe/Blue Lagoon frame of mind and that kind of escape from civilization may be just the thing for you, as it was for me.

San Pedrito Palm Grove San Pedrito Villa San Pedrito Ruins