Driving Recommendations

A successful trip to Baja starts with preparing your travel route and surf destinations along the way. If you are just doing a short trip and going no further than Ensenada you will enjoy traveling on the well maintained toll-road almost the entire time. Getting to most of the surf spots in this region will not require a four wheel drive vehicle. Trips south of Ensenada can be a bit more involved however, especially when you venture off of Highway 1 and get into some more rugged terrain. An SUV or truck with four wheel drive and decent ground clearance is important. Often times what looks like a short trip to the coast on a map can actually be a long, slow drive over some pretty rough roads. This is where a little homework and preparation will pay off in the end and make your Baja surf adventure a success. The most important thing to remember is that the harder it is to get there, the more likely you are to be surfing waves with nobody else around. The payoff is worth the extra effort!

We also recommend doing all of your driving during the day. The highway at night is not sufficiently lit and you will be sharing the narrow, winding roads with buses, semis, RV’s and often times, livestock or other animals. Cars without proper working lights are common, although you really don’t see them until the last second. It is important to allow for any variables, because last thing you want to do is get behind schedule and get lost in a remote area trying to find your “secret spot” in the dark!

For more detailed description about driving south of the border, visit our Driving in Mexico page.

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