Crossing the Border: Via Internacional Update

Crossing the Border: Via Internacional Update

Crossing the Border: Avenida Internacional Open East-Bound

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Last week, the much awaited re-opening of the east-bound Avenida Internacional finally happened. This may mean shorter driving times to the San Ysidro-Tijuana border. Avenida Internacional, or the "International Road" parallels the border on the way to or from the Tijuana - Ensenada toll road (Mexico Highway 1). It was closed for major improvements since it was prone to flooding closures and damage. Part of the new Avenida Internacional was constructed above the ground level and this will hopefully prevent it from flooding.

Those who have driven Avenida Internacional east-bound in the past know that near the border line, there are exits for Avenida Revolución and another near the Smart & Final that lead to the border lines. Those exits are open with visible signage.

The exit near the Smart & Final is usually the quickest option to take to get to the border lines when the line is short enough to be able to get in. (Sometimes this way is blocked off by authorities if the border line is past the Smart & Final.) This exit has a PEMEX gas station as a landmark. Exit right before the PEMEX. It is clearly marked with a sign that reads San Diego Interstate 5/Paseo de los Heroes. Smart & Final will be on your left. Calle Segunda crosses in front of you. Take a left on Calle Segunda to get into the regular border lines. Move over a couple lanes to the right to exit to Colonia Federal (the way to the Fast Pass Lane and SENTRI).

For the latest and most accurate border crossing information we know of, try the Best Time to Cross the Border App for smartphones.

1. For orientation, this is heading east-bound on Avenida Internacional
overlooking Tijuana to the right, and the U.S. on the left.
Via International Map

2. Beginning of the newly opened section of Avenida Internacional.
Via International Map

3. The new metal fence may (or may not) discourage pedestrians from
crossing the road.
Via International Map

4. Exit to Avenida Revolución - This is one way to get to Calle Segunda
and the start of the border line.
Via International Map

5. Sign for the exit to the border line - San Diego/Interstate 5.
Via International Map

6. Exit right at the PEMEX, following the San Diego/Interstate 5 signs.
Smart & Final is on the left corner, Mexitlán is across the street. To get
to the border lines, take a left at the light onto Calle Segunda.
Via International Map

Check out our Driving Directions pages for videos and photo directions. We will be updating them soon with the new Avenida Internacional information.