Mexican RV Insurance for Caravans

Special Caravan Rates!

Baja Bound offers policies through HDI Seguros with special caravan rates for RV's and motorhomes. If you will be traveling in a caravan, call us at 1-800-552-2252 for a quote!

Specific Features of the Caravan Policy:

  • Full coverage or liability only
  • Physical damage coverage with a minimum deductible of U.S. $500
  • Total theft coverage with a minimum deductible of U.S. $1000
  • Limit of liability - $100,000
  • Limit for medical payments for occupants - $2,000 per person up to $10,000 per accident
  • Legal aid and bail bond
  • Roadside assistance for RV's and motorhomes under 15 years old
  • Towing service available on a reimbursement basis only up to U.S. $250
  • Medical assistance
  • Travel assistance
  • Trip continuation
  • U.S. toll free number to follow up on claims
  • Claims may be settled in U.S. dollars
  • Available as a six month policy only

Coverage Details:

  • Full coverage available for RV's and motorhomes under 15 years old
  • Maximum RV or motorhome value U.S. $300,000
  • Maximum value for a towed trailer, camper, or vehicle U.S. $100,000

FAQs About Caravan Policies

What is considered to be a caravan?

If you will be traveling in an RV caravan or with a caravan tour, you are eligible for our special caravan rates.

Do the other members of the caravan have to buy insurance from Baja Bound too?

No. As long as you are in a caravan you are eligible.

What if I decide to stay longer after the caravan is over?

If you leave the caravan or plan on staying in Mexico longer than the caravan, you must buy a new policy at the regular rate.

Why we work with HDI Seguros

No one wants to be involved in an accident, and much less in a foreign country. HDI Seguros offer features that are important should you have to file a claim:
  • Repairs and claims may be settled in U.S./Canadian dollars when possible
  • U.S. toll free numbers are available to follow up on claims
  • Claims service is available 24 hours a day

Why are the above features important if you have a claim?

Visit our "Know Your Insurance Company" page to learn more.

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