The World's Largest Caesar Salad!

Caesar Salad
World's Largest Caesar Salad

On October 20th the Tijuana Restaurant Association will attempt to make the largest Caesar salad in order to secure a spot in the Guinness Book of World's Records. The jumbo sized salad will need to weigh over 6000 pounds in order to break the record. The salad will be prepared in a 60 meter long acrylic trough by local Tijuana chefs and culinary students. The salad will then be fed to the spectators in attendance. As you might expect, this will most likely be an "all you can eat" affair! The event will cost $3 and will be held at the Tijuana Cultural Center from noon until 7p.m. There will also be additional food items available to buy, as well as live music and trampolines for the kids to enjoy.

It is believed that the Caesar salad originated in Tijuana in the 1920's by Caesar Cardini, who was working as a chef at his family' s hotel. When a rush left the kitchen depleted of supplies, Caesar apparently tossed a salad table side for guests, hoping that the additional presentation would compensate for the simplicity of the ingredients. Apparently he was on to something! Although Hotel Caesars moved to a different location in Tijuana a few years later, they continue to prepare "the original Ceasar salad" table side for their guests.

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