Photo Directions to the Ready Lane San Ysidro

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Ready Lane San Ysidro

Need help finding the Ready Lanes? Print these handy photo directions and check out our Ready Lane video.

What is the Ready Lane? The Ready Lanes are dedicated lanes for use by travelers who carry RFID compliant cards such as the passport card, SENTRI card, or enhanced driver's license. Passports are not accepted in this lane. Read more...

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Calle Segunda
1. After passing through the toll booth, you will see Playas de Tijuana on the left.

Calle Segunda
2. Continue. The road will pass over a valley after going under the foot bridge.

Calle Segunda
3. Next you will pass over another larger valley.

Calle Segunda
4. Here there are two choices - going straight via Calle Segunda, an
alternate route or take a RIGHT for AVENIDA INTERNACIONAL, the main
route (aka Vía Internacional or Internacional). We will follow the AVENIDA
INTERNACIONAL route for these directions.

Calle Segunda
5. Continue up the hill.

Calle Segunda
6. Now Avenida Internacional is paralleling the U.S./Mexico border.

Calle Segunda
7. Continue for a few miles.

Calle Segunda
8. Watch for the SAN DIEGO/INTERSTATE 5 signs and continue to follow them.
(This photo also shows an exit sign for Avenida Revolución. The Avenida
Revolución exit is an alternate way to find the borderline on Calle Segunda.)

Calle Segunda
9. Once you cross under this bridge, prepare to exit to the RIGHT.

Calle Segunda
10. Exit RIGHT before the PEMEX gas station onto AV. MELCHOR OCAMPO.

Calle Segunda

Calle Segunda
12. Follow the signs for COL. FEDERAL - between the concrete dividers
and curb.

Ready Lane San Ysidro
13. Go up the bridge, there will be a kiosk for the medical lane/Fast Pass
lane on the left. Continue STRIAGHT, following the white car
down toward Colonia Federal.

Ready Lane San Ysidro
14. Make a U-TURN at the ALTO sign.

Ready Lane San Ysidro
15. Next, you will go over a large speed bump. Stay to the RIGHT of the
concrete dividers (but do not exit to the far right, stay in the middle.)
Follow the large sign that says PASEO CENTENARIO/SAN DIEGO to pass
under the bridge.

Ready Lane San Ysidro
16. Continue STRAIGHT after the ALTO. On your right is Pueblo Amigo
shopping center.

Ready Lane San Ysidro
17. At the glorietta, called La Diana, curve around 180 degrees to continue
STRAIGHT to the next glorietta.

Ready Lane San Ysidro
18. At the next glorietta, take a hard RIGHT onto the FRONTAGE road
(not up the bridge.)

Ready Lane San Ysidro
19. Below is the frontage road, you can see the bridge up to the left.
Continue STRAIGHT.

Ready Lane San Ysidro
20. At the ALTO, take a RIGHT onto the VIA RAPIDA frontage road.

Ready Lane San Ysidro
21. Get ready to merge LEFT onto the VIA RAPIDA (following the red car).

Ready Lane San Ysidro
22. Follow the signs for SAN DIEGO/INTERSTATE 5 and then the READY
LANE street signs. The Ready Lane will be separated with concrete dividers.

Ready Lane San Ysidro
23. The Ready Lane

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