Photo Directions - El Chaparral Crossing into Tijuana

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On November 1st, 2012 the El Chaparral border crossing officially opened. This new border crossing replaces
the old border crossing at San Ysidro/Tijuana (Puerta México). Below are photos to guide you through this new crossing.

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El Chaparral Tijuana
1. Heading south on the 5 or 805, continue as if you will be crossing the
old border crossing at San Ysidro (Puerta México).

El Chaparral Tijuana
2. At the old border crossing the road takes a sharp, more than 90
degree right turn.

El Chaparral Tijuana
3. Next, you will drive down the new, but temporary road that takes you to
the crossing.

El Chaparral Tijuana
4. Notice the signs to either stay in the "Nothing to Declare (Nada que declarar)"
lanes or to take the "Something to Declare (Autodeclaración)" lane to the right.

El Chaparral Tijuana
5. Next you will take a sharp left and line up in whichever line you wish.

El Chaparral Tijuana
6. Get ready to cross. Wait for the green light to let you enter.

El Chaparral Tijuana
7. Then you will pull up and wait for your green or red light to proceed.

El Chaparral Tijuana
8. Proceed to exit the customs facility and take note of the signs.
El Chaparral Tijuana
9. The exit to Avenida Internacional (aka Vía Internacional or Internacional)
that leads to the Tijuana-Ensenada toll road is to the far right. There are
also exits to Zona Río and to the Vía Rápida/Otay airport.

El Chaparral Tijuana
10. Bridge to Avenida Internacional.

El Chaparral Tijuana
11. Merge onto Avenida Internacional to head toward the coast and the toll road.

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