A New Look for Don Eddie’s Landing
By Martina

A New Look for Don Eddie’s Landing

By Martina

Don Eddies Landing

Just a few hours from San Diego you can find the best fishing, long range tuna trips, RV parking and casitas with a restaurant just steps away. The Bay of San Quintin is sparkling and waiting for you, to cast a line, eat good food and have a toast to your good fortune for having found this bit of Baja heaven. There are so many features to entice you to come for a weekend, or long beautiful days filled with fresh air, outdoor actives, homemade meals and frosty cocktails at the bar. Tony Marquez will be there to welcome you, following in his father’s footsteps.

Here is a short story of how Don Eddie’s Landing came to be. It began with Tony’s dad, Heriberto Marquez Gonzalez, who was born into a small farming family in Tijuana. As a child, the family found their way to Los Angeles. The young man, Heriberto, was called to protect his new country and was later stationed in Germany. Heriberto was not new to the hotel industry and at one time owned a hotel in San Quintin. He loved the ocean and had a passion for fishing. In 2000 he was on a fishing trip in that area and saw land for sale, known as Ernesto’s. He hooked onto the idea that he could have everything he loved. His dream became known as Don Eddie’s Landing. Heriberto’s reputation grew fast. His dream became the dream of avid anglers, making it widely known as the place to go.

Life can have ruthless turns sometimes and it was Heriberto’s misfortune in 2010 to watch his dream burn to the ground. Don Eddies LandingOne can only imagine his heartfelt loss and he passed away just nine months after his dream was destroyed. Tony began the cleanup process during this time, while he was working full time as a business manager in health-care in the US. He traveled weekends for several years to get the job done. Along the way, he experienced the heart-felt support given by the fishermen who loved Heriberto and Don Eddie’s Landing. It was a long arduous time of commitment to full restoration. Tony said softly, “Sadly, Pop never saw it completed.” But there is no doubt that his spirit lives on here and some have said that they could feel his presence.

Today the beautiful new restaurant with a palapa roof has a full bar. Sitting at the window seats you are certain to see the sea lions swim through the sparkling water. Looking out into the bay, you see where an unfortunate captain had to leave his boat stranded and has become an icon for other fishermen to give clearance. Pillars from the old restaurant hold up an upper patio where you can take your drinks and watch the sun set. Some of the original posts are now bright colored murals painted by visitors who are invited to try their creative talent, pick up a brush and depict their experience in paint. It is fresh and lively and tells you more than words could.

Tony is creating a new menu, using only the freshest locally grown produce and meats. And it goes without saying that the fish is as fresh as you would expect. He, along with his young chef are ready to share the unique menu with the travelers. I was lucky enough to have a sample.Don Eddies Landing The omelet was stuffed with shrimp and crab, slathered in a rich creamy sauce with side dishes galore. And for lunch his special smoked fish taco with melted cheese was my favorite. Tony’s desire to please was evident as he offered me a sampling of another new dish; a stuffed squash with other fresh vegetables is sure to be a hit with the vegetarians. If you want to invite two hundred of your favorite people to celebrate your big catch of the day, Tony is happy to set up a feast out on the patio. Reservations in advanced are a must!

For activities, there is more than fishing. Diving enthusiasts are provided services and boat excursions. Kayakers will love the beautiful open bay and its gentle rolling hills that help protect the inland waters from the Pacific winds. This is a perfect place to roll in from a day of dirt biking, clean up and lift a cold cerveza or two. There is a halibut tournament in June and even a little hunting if that is your thing. Quail and Canadian geese are found on the island. Fishing and hunting licenses are required. There are whale watching excursions during migration season. The RV parking has full hook-ups, concrete pads and lots of space between each site. Casitas have the full range of options from two to four beds and a junior suite. The arrangement of living space will make you feel like you are at home and it is pet friendly.

Don Eddie's Landing

Traveling south, you will pass through the town of San Quintin and the vast agricultural fields. Past Lazaro Cardenas, taking the same turn off for The Old Mill. There are four miles of graded dirt and rock road, sometimes wind swept sand, but signs will beckon you onward. It may be slow going, but most vehicles will be fine, if clearance isn’t too low. One word of caution, if there are heavy rains, 4-wheel drive is a must, due to thick mud and deep standing water in some places. There is a rumor that one day it will be paved. On Don Eddie’s Landing Facebook page, Tony wrote these words to his Pop, “You left some big shoes to fill, thinking of you all the time, Your Son.” There is no doubt, in this traveler’s mind, that Tony is up to filling them.

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From the U.S. dial 011-52-616-165-6061 or 6062

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