(2021-09-03) September 2021 Bulletin - Concierto Winery, Meeting 'Mama' Espinoza, Visiting Remote San Francisquito

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Baja Bound Bulletin

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Welcome to the September edition of the Baja Bound Bulletin! In this edition, Martina visits the beautiful Concierto Winery; David Kier provides the legacy of 'Mama' Espinoza and Greg Niemann shares some history about San Francisquito. We still have discounted copies of the Baja Atlas available if you haven't already picked up this excellent book! ¡Viva Baja!

Concierto Winery Concierto Winery
By Martina
This is a destination for true wine lovers and one of the most unique presentations in the Guadalupe Valley. East on Ruta del Vino #3, past km 88 you...Read more
Meeting 'Mama' Espinoza Meeting 'Mama' Espinoza
By David Kier
Anita Espinoza was born Anita Grosso and she would become the grand lady of El Rosario as well as one of the best-known Baja California personalities...Read more
Visiting Remote San Francisquito Visiting Remote San Francisquito
By Greg Niemann
What grand dreams could bring such infrastructure to such a desolate region 130 years ago? Around 1885, an American (and later...Read more

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