(2023-02-24) February 2023 Bulletin - The Casa Diaz Legacy, The Gray Whales of San Ignacio, Mission Santa Rosalía de Mulegé

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Welcome to the February 2023 edition of the Baja Bound Bulletin! In this edition, Greg Niemann shares the legacy of Casa Diaz, Martina visits the gray whales of San Ignacio and David Kier explores the history of Mission Santa Rosalía de Mulegé. If you plan on hitting the road in Baja this year, don't leave without a copy of the amazing Baja Atlas that we are still offering at a discounted price. ¡Viva Baja!

The Casa Diaz Legacy The Casa Diaz Legacy
By Greg Niemann
Rather than enjoying an idyllic island-studded bay, early visitors to Bahía de los Ángeles were attracted to deposits of gold, silver, and copper...Read more
The Gray Whales of San Ignacio The Gray Whales of San Ignacio
By Martina
Chilly darkness and chips of stars greeted me as I opened the door onto the predawn sky. This day was to be my first encounter with Baja...Read more
Mission Santa Rosalía de Mulege Mission Santa Rosalía de Mulegé
By David Kier
The first Spanish California missions were more of a test than a success, but the Jesuits had much faith. In 1683, Padre Eusebio Kino with the...Read more

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