(2013-02-21) February 2013 Bulletin - Important New Mexican Laws, Whale Watching, Exploring Calamajué and more
Baja Bound Bulletin
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Baja Bound Bulletin
Welcome to the February edition of the Baja Bound Bulletin. There has been a significant change to the laws in Mexico regarding liability exposure, which we cover in our first article below. In addition, we explore Calamajué near San Ignacio; we check out the Glamping experience in Ensenada; we do a weekend whale getaway and meet Captain "Tat" Tatterson of Pacific Fishing, Inc. Wherever your travels take you south of the border, remember to visit BajaBound.com for the easiest way to get Mexican auto insurance!
Liability Exposure Article
New Law Increases Liability Exposure In Mexico
Changes in the law affect your Mexican auto... Read more
Exploring Calamajué
Exploring Calamajué
In 1746, Padre Fernando Consag explored the land north of San Ignacio... Read more
Glamping: Tranquility Pairs with Extreme Sports
Glamping: Tranquility Pairs with Extreme Sports
With a flash of red tail feathers a hawk lifts off its perch startled by the growling... Read more
Baja's Perfect Mid-Winter Escape
Baja's Perfect Mid-Winter Escape
If you're like most of America in the achingly long winter... Read more
Client Spotlight: Captain
Client Spotlight: Captain "Tat" Tatterson
For almost 20 years, Captain "Tat" Tatterson... Read more
Spy Hopping Humpback
Fletch Goes to Mexico
Fletch Goes To Mexico
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